2012 Broadband Communities Summit
2012 Summit FAQ
How long has the Summit been in existence?
The 2012 Broadband Properties Summit is part of the company’s Towns & Technologies series of events, focusing on Fiber-to-the-Home and next-generation access technologies for buildings, communities, and municipalities. The 2012 event marks the 9th annual Summit, since launching the Towns & Technologies programs in 2004. Since then, the Summit has grown by 100 percent, with more than 900 in attendance in 2011.

How do you define “broadband”?
”Broadband is a term used to cover a wide range of data transmission speeds, but the Summit focuses on fiber-optic technologies capable of providing sufficient bandwidth to homes and businesses to enable smooth transmission of video, Internet traffic, data, and other high-bandwidth applications.”

Why do you distinguish between fiber to the home and other broadband access technologies?
The applications that consumers are increasingly demanding – video transmission, streaming, and downloads, online gaming, file sharing, and others – are really practical only with a network that takes fiber right to the home or business. Because this is the future of network technology, this is where the Summit focuses.

What is the economic significance of broadband technology?
For many multi-dwelling property owners, and developers of master-planned communities, as well as municipal and regional economic development organizations, the availability of a solid broadband infrastructure can be the key to attracting residents, businesses of all sizes, and other development. Whether it is a highly desirable amenity, as in multi-dwelling units, or a requirement for doing business, it is a true selling point.

How many exhibitors does the Summit typically attract?
Over the years, the Summit’s exhibition area has grown, and this year it will feature over 80+ exhibitors, including some of the best-known names in the telecommunications and cable industry. Among the 2011 exhibitors and sponsors were Verizon Enhanced Communities, Time Warner Cable, AFL Telecommunications, AT&T Connected Communities, Calix, Connexion Technologies, Dish Network, Hitachi, Motorola, DIRECTV, Comcast and COX Communications.

Who attends the Summit?
The 2012 Summit anticipates about 1,000 attendees, representing the telecommunications industry, municipal and regional economic development officials, real estate owners and developers, cable systems providers, architects and builders, and more.

What types of presenters speak at the Summit?
The 2011 Summit featured, keynote presentations were given by Richard Hubbard, VP, AT&T Connected Communities; Kelley Dunne, CEO, One Economy; Michael Render, President, RVA; Lev Gonick, CIO, Case Western Reserve University; The Hon. Graham Richard, Consultant, Graham Richard Associates / Former Indiana State Senator / Former Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dan O’Connell, President, Fiber-to-the-Home Council, North America; Tom Nugent, National Sales Director, Verizon Enhanced Communities; Kevin Martin, Partner, Patton Boggs LLP; Jim Baller, President, The Baller Herbst Law Group, PC; Craig Settles, President, Successful.com

How many educational sessions there usually?
Counting the keynote presentations, the 2011 Summit featured more than 45 educational sessions.

Why is the Summit held in Dallas?
Dallas is widely recognized as the hub of the nation’s telecommunications industry, and its central location, with one of the nation’s busiest airports, facilitates travel to the Summit.

What are the Cornerstone Awards?
The Cornerstone Awards are a highlight of the Broadband Communities Summit. These awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments of private developments, municipalities, communities, companies, and individuals in delivering broadband over fiber for the benefit of the end user. The Cornerstone awards have included recognition for the most notable deployments of Fiber-to-the-Home and next-generation access technologies in the U.S. and abroad.

What are the Outstanding Multifamily Partner Awards (OMPA)?
Nominated and voted on by owners, developers and managers, the Multifamily Partner Awards recognize vendors who understand the unique attributes of our industry and how best to serve our common customer, the resident. Candidates are nominated and voted on by multifamily owners with documented evidence of the vendor partner’s success at adding value to the owners business and/or communities.

What does it cost to attend the Summit?
For qualified press and industry analysts, there is no charge to attend the Summit. Complimentary press registration is available via the Summit website, at www.bbcmag.com, or by contacting Meredith Terrall, Marketing Specialist at 877-588-1649 or via email at meredith@bbcmag.com.


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Broadband Communities Summit

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