2012 Broadband Communities Summit

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Jessica Zufolo
Deputy Administrator
Larry Strickling
Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information
US Dept of Commerce
James Salter

Bruce Abraham
President & CEO
North Georgia Network

Gary Evans Joe Freddoso
President & CEO
Larry Strickling Tim Nulty
Project Chief Executive
ECFiber Network

Joe King Leslie Nulty
Director of Marketing, Customer Care, Administration and Investor Relations
ECFiber Network
Jessica Zufolo

Don Shirley
Executive Director
Connected Texas

James H. Salter, P.E.
Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer Atlantic
Sponsored by the
Rural Telecommunications Congress
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RTC Speakers and Leaders – Full-Day Rural Broadband Program

April 26, 2012
Larry Strickling Galen Updike
Rural Telecommunications Congress
James Salter

The Honorable Hilda Legg
Former RUS Administrator and Vice Chair
Broadband Communities

Jane Patterson Jane Patterson
The Way Forward
Larry Strickling Drew Clark
Executive Director
Partnership for a Connected Illinois
Eric Ogle
RTC Treasurer
The Howard Baker Center for Public Policy
Michael Golden
Director, Broadband Planning
Arizona Broadband Project, AZDOA
Larry Strickling Dave Lamie, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development
James Salter

Tara Thue
State Broadband Mapping and Planning Coordinator
Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Jane Patterson Michael Curri
Founder & CEO
Strategic Networks Group
Larry Strickling Frank Odasz
Lone Eagle Consulting
Craig Settles
Communities United for Broadband
Bill Shuffstall
RTC Secretary
Extension Educator
Pennsylvania State University
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Why Attend?

Rural Telecon Dallas is aimed at developing policies, strategies and best practices to enable states and communities to expedite deployment of critical infrastructure and support the use of next-generation broadband for rural prosperity.

Who Should Attend?
  • Representatives from all communities with current or planned broadband initiatives
  • Leaders in Economic Development, Education, Healthcare, Government, Public Safety
  • Officials from the USDA, FCC, NTIA, USAC in telecom and rural development
  • State telecom and broadband mapping and planning leaders

Citizen Stakeholders
Broadband Champions • Educators
Consultants • Providers

What Will You Learn?

INTERACT in sessions on the use of state broadband maps

PARTICIPATE in dynamic workshops with federal, state and local colleagues

EXPLORE techniques and tools for community broadband planning

CONNECT with leaders and stakeholders at networking sessions and receptions

HEAR how universities can help bring broadband to rural America

DISCOVER how prosperity comes from broadband implementation

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