2013 Broadband Communities Summit
Hands-On Financial Modeling Workshop
Monday, April 15
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Hands-On Financial Modeling Workshop
Building a fiber-to-the-home network? Considering one? This FREE in-depth 2-hour workshop for network builders’ CFOs, consultants, private cable operators, CLECs, ILECs, and public officials will describe the Broadband Communities FTTH financial modeling tools (you can download them at www.FTTHanalyzer.com, on the Broadband Communities website) with workshop participants’ particular needs in mind. Tools include financial models for revenue, cash flow, rural and other networks, and MDU builds. After describing the tools, Steve Ross will devote most of the workshop to helping participants customize them for their specific needs. Participants will come away with working financial models and greater insight into the tools themselves. Recommended: If you wish to participate, and you have not been attending our Tools webinars, go to www.FTTHanalyzer.com, download the tools and webinar PDFs, and listen to the webinars themselves... and tell Steve of your needs ahead of time.

Steve Ross – Corporate Editor, Broadband Communities

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