2013 Broadband Communities Summit
Leveraging Assets for Broadband
Tuesday, April 16

8:00 am – 10:10 am
Leveraging your Assets and Creating Partnerships for Building Fiber Networks
Building a high-speed broadband network requires combining assets and expertise from various stakeholders. Putting all these pieces together is often a challenge. Find out how communities are solving this problem, often using unconventional partnerships and incentives, to make the most of assets already in place – including middle-mile fiber, conduits, poles and other infrastructure – and change the financial dynamics for potential providers.

Diane Kruse - CEO and Lead Consultant, NEO Fiber

Mark Ansboury - President/Co-Founder, Gigabit Squared
Mark Scifres - CEO, Pavlov Media
Joe Freddoso - President/CEO, MCNC
Rick Usher - Assistant City Manager, Kansas City
William Towns - Assistant Vice President - Neighborhood Initiatives, Office of Civic Engagement, The University of Chicago
Sean Stokes - Principal, The Baller Herbst Law Group, P.C.

10:20 am – 11:20 am
The Fiber Hunters: Finding Existing Fiber
Throughout the past twenty years, companies have built fiber optic facilities in urban communities, only to go out of business, merge with other companies, or even abandon their fiber assets. Find out how to find abandoned, unused, and excess fiber to lower your capital costs of your build.

Max Kipfer - VP of Client Relations, Hot Wire Communications

Duke Horan - General Manager, G4S Technology LLC
Brian Mefford - Founder and CEO, CNX - Connected Nation Exchange
Scot Rourke - President and CEO, One Community
Joe Starks - President, ECC Technologies

11:30 am – 12:20 pm
The In's and Out's of Wholesale Agreements with Service Providers
Recipients of broadband stimulus grants were required to provide open access to their networks, but the term was never clearly defined. As these networks – both middle-mile and last-mile – come online, deployers are attempting to structure workable agreements that will make their networks financially sustainable and increase options for network users. In this session, learn about best practices for creating win-win relationships with retail service providers.

Joe Freddoso – President/CEO, MCNC

Michael Smeltzer – Director of Networking, CITES - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Dave Shaw – Partner, Kirton & McConkie
Tim Scott – Vice President, Axia NGNetworks USA
Casey Lide – Principal, The Baller Herbst Law Group, PC

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