2013 Broadband Communities Summit
SIX Free Pre-Conference Workshops

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Workshops on Monday, April 7th

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          • Each attendee can attend three workshops
          • No limit on the number attending from any individual company
          • Learn from leading experts teaching six valuable sessions

Workshop #1
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Steve Ross
– Corporate Editor, Broadband Communities

In this session, you’ll gain financial expertise in planning an FTTH project for a multiple-dwelling-unit community.

You’ll master the use of Broadband Communities’ proven financial modeling tools, including the FTTH Analyzer for MDUs. All FTTH Analyzers are available at no charge.

MDU builds were once the domain of private cable operators (PCOs). Now the players include competitive exchange carriers, real estate developers and specialized amenity providers and large ISPs – including AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink and Google.

Steve Ross, tool developer and corporate editor – whose decades of university-level teaching experience include Columbia and Harvard – will lead the workshop.

Content will include:

  • The effects of new revenue streams such as hot spots or distributed antennas for cellular signal enhancement
  • Why all Greenfield MDUs should start with fiber
  • Why fiber to the basement is often an excellent alternative if existing wiring can carry the bandwidth
  • Tricks to get to positive cash flow within 9 months of the start of system build
  • Hybrid systems – satellite for linear video and fiber for everything else
  • Extra benefits for managing building energy and security issues
  • What to tell your mortgage holder
  • Mastering Tool #2, for investors, and Tool #5, for operational cash flow

Workshop #2
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Michael Smeltzer
– Director of Community Projects, UC2B (Illinois)

For attracting a private partner or cost justifying your own fiber build.

Public officials will find the practical information in these two hours alone worth the trip to Austin. They will learn how communities can aggregate the demand for broadband services with methods that include dedicated grassroots initiators who educate residents and sign them up to purchase future broadband services. Things to be discussed:

  • How you got here – community goals
  • The best scenarios to be in
  • Funding for possible scenarios
  • Aggregating Internet demand – basic Internet economics
  • Leasing dark fiber
  • Selling made simple and cost effective
  • IRU math
  • GIS-based maps and their importance
  • UC2B’s experience

Joanne Hovis – CTC Technology and Energy
Will Aycock – General Manager, Greenlight Community Broadband, City of Wilson, NC

Workshop #3
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Michael Curri
– President, Strategic Networks Group

What do you do once your network is built?

The economic benefits of broadband come only after businesses and individuals are convinced of the value of high-speed services. Learn why businesses may be slow to adopt broadband and its solutions – and how you can overcome these barriers to grow your region and drive mass adoption of your network. This workshop is a must-attend for economic development officers, elected officials and community stakeholders who want to learn how a broadband investment can pay off. The SNG presenting team will work with audience members on successfully approaching businesses to drive network adoption. Instruction includes how to educate businesses in the profit-enhancing value of broadband and responding to an overcoming the multiple objections raised by business managers. An extra half hour to an hour will be added to this session for those seeking in-depth instruction.

Doug Adams – Director, Marketing & Communications, SNG
Kyle Hollifield – SVP, Marketing/Business Development, Magellan Advisors

Workshop #4
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Jane Patterson
– President, The View Forward

This workshop will provide lessons from people who have connected schools to a statewide broadband platform. Learn from them about financing, cloud services initiation, teacher training, student assessment, statewide telehealth networks and technology based economic development initiatives.

Myra Best – Executive Director, DigiLearn
Phil Emer – Director –Technology Planning and Policy, The Friday Institute
Mark Johnson – CTO and VP of Data Architecture, MCNC
Frank Odasz – President, Lone Eagle Consulting

Workshop #5
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Richard Holtz
– CEO, InfiniSys

Gigabit Internet to a multifamily building is still rare. But there can be little doubt the momentum is increasing. Over the past year there’s been powerful evidence that certain MDU customers crave gigabit speeds. This is especially true of tech-savvy customers such as students and technology company employees.

Chris Smith – Technical Program Manager, Google, Inc.
Mark Scifres – CEO, Pavlov Media
Rob Paver – President, Campus Connect
John van Oppen – President, Spectrum Networks / Co-founder, CondoInternet
John Hoover – Senior Product Manager, Tellabs Access
Matthew FitzGerald – Sr. Systems Engineer, Ruckus Wireless
Catie McNaught – Manager, Market Development, Americas Carrier Networks and FTTH, Corning Telecom


Workshop #6
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Larry Johnson
– Founder & President, The Light Brigade

This free workshop for public officials and executives will be led by the president and founder of leading training and education firm The Light Brigade. Larry Johnson is an expert in all aspects of fiber optic design, installation, testing and measurement.

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