2013 Broadband Communities Summit
Our Mission
Helping Communities Take Control Of Their Broadband Futures

JIM BALLER is the chairman of the Economic Development program at the Summit and at regional events produced by Broadband Communities around the country.

With the unique credentials of both economic development expert and the nation’s leading telecom lawyer for municipalities seeking next-generation networks, Jim Baller has a special appreciation for your community’s concerns. He knows these concerns involve creating jobs, attracting and retaining businesses, fostering economic development and contributing to America’s global competitiveness.

As he recently told hundreds of public officials at a Broadband Communities event:

Our mission is to help you meet these goals – as rapidly and effectively as possible.

To that end, for our Austin program we will be emphasizing economic development throughout – in every session, with every speaker.

As attendees you will get useful, practical information – including insights, examples and principles – that you can take home and put to use at once.

You’ll learn from the leaders and individuals at the very center of the gigabit revolution – from a city that is taking advantage of the development of entirely new fiber infrastructure. As such, it is the ideal place to explore the best ways of linking the communications infrastructure of the future to economic vitality and the quality of life.

Each attendee will also receive a wealth of economic research, case histories, how-to materials, and other practical information that you can use effectively in your communities.

In our workshops and sessions, we will address the latest, hottest topics – including Google Fiber, telemedicine, distance learning, getting seniors online, and much more.

You’ll learn, of course, about Austin – but also about many other state, regional, and community networks.

You’ll also hear about several ways to improve your chances of getting a gigabit network, including vehicles to attract private-sector network providers, public-private partnerships, and collaborating with vendors.

You’ll hear about a variety of successful efforts to fund broadband – including investments in education, healthcare institutions and community anchors in underserved areas.

Other topics include:
• the social and economic opportunities that ultra-fast broadband provides citizens and businesses
• the benefits in creating commercial and innovation corridors
• the value of broadband in bolstering neighborhood safety, enhancing education and improving health care services.

You’ll also enjoy ample time for networking and learning about relevant cutting-edge products and services.

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