2013 Broadband Communities Summit
Economic Development Program
Tuesday, April 8

12:40 pm – 1:50 pm
Working Lunch / Economic Development Special Session
What Will A Gigabit Do For Austin?

Filmmakers, entrepreneurs, scientists and musicians are among the Austin residents who could experience revolutionary changes thanks to gigabit connectivity. As part of the Summit’s Economic Development Program, Austin city official Rondella Hawkins talks with business and community leaders on their plans for capitalizing on their newfound bandwidth. For information on the gigabit revolution and its impact, see the Broadband Communities site, GigafyAmerica.com.

Rondella Hawkins – Telecom & Regulatory Affairs Officer, City of Austin

Rebecca Frost Davis – Director of Instruction and Emerging Technology, St. Edwards University
Leigh F. Christie – Program Director, Entrepreneurs Foundation
Rebecca Campbell – Executive Director, Austin Film Society
Paul Padilla – VP, Information Technology, Goodwill Industries of Central Texas
Laura Morrison – Council Member, City of Austin



3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Economic Development: The Killer App
Ask any community that has developed a fiber network to list its primary goals, and economic development will be at the top of its list. In short, economic development is their “killer app.” But seeing the connection between advanced communications networks, economic development, and job creation is only a critical first step. Fiber communities know that a fiber network is an essential, but not itself a sufficient, platform for robust economic vitality and global competitiveness in years and decades ahead. They know they must prepare the ground and galvanize widespread support across the local economy. This distinguished and deeply experienced panel will explore what communities are doing, and what more they need to do, to maximize the economic and other benefits of advanced communications networks.

Lev Gonick – CEO, One Community

Rollie Cole – Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute for Policy Research
Jim Kohlenberger – President, JK Strategies
Christopher Mitchell – Director, Telecommunications as Commons Initiative, New Rules Project, Institute for Local Self-Reliance



4:10 pm – 5:00 pm
Building The Economic Case
There is a large and rapidly growing body of anecdotal evidence that advanced communications networks are contributing significantly to economic development and job creation. But what do the numbers actually tell us? In this session, three experts in tracking and analyzing statistical information about advanced communications networks will discuss what we know about the economic benefits of such networks, what traditional accounting statements miss, and how communities can take advantage of the available data.

Catharine Rice – President, SEATOA

Michael Render – President RVA LLC
Michael Curri – President, Strategic Networks Group
Thomas J. Asp – Principal Analyst & Engineer, CTC Technology & Energy

Wednesday, April 9

7:30 am – 8:50 am
Breakfast Session: Sponsored by Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.

Many communities are indeed thinking hard about expanding and enhancing broadband access, the latest survey by Craig Settles shows. And 9 out of 10 depend on broadband connectivity for K-12 education. But many groups are under-served and it seems that planners and economic development professionals still have a lot to learn about broadband in general and fiber to the home in particular. Join this early morning session for breakfast and hear the nation’s leaders on this issue discuss how we might move forward.

Building the Gig-Driven Economy: How to Plan, Fund and Measure it.
How adding high speed fiber broadband is accelerating the economies of U.S towns and cities – including Richardson, Texas.

Paul Fagan – SVP Sales and Marketing, Fujitsu Network Communications

William Sproull – President & CEO, Richardson, TX, Chamber of Commerce / Economic Development Chief, Richardson / Chairman, International Economic Development Council Board of Directors

Results Of Annual Survey Of Economic Development Professionals
Knowledge of ultra-broadband's effects on quality of life and economic development is far from universal among the nation's planners, builders and economic development professionals. But there is progress. Where do we go now?

Steve Ross – Corporate Editor, Broadband Communities

Research Presenter:
Craig Settles – Founder, Gigabit Nation


Discussants: Jim Baller, Steve Ross, Craig Settles, William Sproull, Paul Fagan



9:00 am – 9:50 am
Emerging Local Strategies to Acquire Fiber Networks
When Google launched its Fiber for Communities initiative in 2011, more than 1,100 communities applied for a Google fiber project. Since then, the level of interest in such networks has exploded among communities across America. To date, however, Google Fiber has only committed to developing fiber networks in less than 40 of America’s 40,000 communities. This session will explore what other communities are doing to avoid being left behind.

Joanne Hovis – CEO, CTC Technology & Energy

Robert Wack – Council Member, City of Westminster, MD
Michael Smeltzer – Former Director of Networking and Community Projects, UC2B
Deborah Acosta – Chief Innovation Officer, City of San Leandro



10:00 am – 10:50 am
Working With Economic Development Professionals
Working together in harmony, advocates of advanced broadband networks and economic development professionals can accelerate the development of sustainable networks that drive and support robust economic development, educational opportunity, and many other community benefits. For example, broadband advocates can contribute critical network information that economic development professionals can use to attract or retain employers, and economic development professionals can employ a wealth of tools to strengthen the hand of advanced network advocates. This session will examine what the broadband and economic development communities are doing today, and will be doing in the futureg, to support and strengthen each others’ efforts.

William Sproull – Chair, IEDC / President & CEO, Richardson Chamber of Commerce

Aaron Deacon – Managing Director, KC (Kansas City) Digital Drive
Todd McDaniel – President & CEO, The Research Valley Partnership
Craig Settles – President, Gigabit Nation



2:30 pm – 3:20 pm
Public-Private Partnerships for Economic Development
Neither the public sector nor the private sector, acting alone, can maximize a community’s or a region’s economic development. Public-private partnerships, which can take many shapes and forms, can make both sectors more successful in achieving their common goals. This session will examine a number of such successful partnerships, highlighting the key features that enabled them to work well.

Diane Kruse – CEO, NeoFiber

James Benham– President & CEO, JB Knowledge Technologies, Inc.
Gregg Logan
– Senior VP, C Spire Fiber
Duncan Ramage – Senior Vice President, Macquarie Capital



3:30 pm – 4:20 pm
State, Local and Regional Success Stories
In this session, leaders of successful state, regional, and local projects will tell their stories – what challenges they faced, how they met these challenges, where they are today, and where they’re heading.

John Honker – President Magellan Advisors

Max Beverly – Mayor, Thomasville, Ga.
Jody Wigington – General Manager & CEO, Morristown (Tenn.) Utility Systems
David Salway – Director, New York State Broadband Program Office
Drew van Dopp – Director, Admin & Grants, Maryland Broadband Cooperative, Inc.



5:10 pm – 6:10 pm
Anchor Institutions and Beyond: Economic Development for Network Sustainability
Middle-mile networks focusing initially on community anchor institutions are contribution to economic development in at least two ways: (1) they are branching out to serve other customers that advance economic development, and (2) the community anchor institutions they serve are themselves providing services that drive and support their communities’ economic development. This session will examine examples of both kinds, and more.

Marty Stern – Partner, K&L Gates

John Windhausen – Executive Director, Schools, Health and Libraries Coalition (SHLB)
Joe Freddoso – President/CEO, MCNC (advanced communications for North Carolina)
Corinne Hill – Executive Director, Chattanooga Public Library

Thursday, April 10

8:30 am – 9:30 am
The Critical Contribution of High-Capacity Networks to Economic Development and Global Competitiveness
This blue-ribbon session will also review the role of federal, state and local governments in driving the deployment, adoption and use of such networks.

Jim Baller – Chairman, Summit Economic Development Program; President, Baller Herbst Law Group

Tony Wilhelm – Chief of Staff, NTIA, Dept of Commerce
Blair Levin – Executive Director, Gig.U


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