2013 Broadband Communities Summit
Rural Program
Thursday, April 10

9:40 am – 11:00 am
The Bandwidth of the States: Where They Stand in 2014

Keynote Presentation:

Anne Neville – Director, State Broadband Initiative of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information

The past five years have witnesses an explosion of broadband internet services, by providers and by the public sector. Stimulus projects including infrastructure investments, sustainable broadband programs, and state broadband initiatives have boosted awareness of the benefits of internet connectivity. Anne Neville, Director of the key federal broadband program working in collaboration with the states,will set the stage for our “50 States in 50 Minutes” presentation. She will be followed by spokesmen from eight regions to highlight the state of bandwidth in each of the 50 states.

50 States In 50 Minutes:
Where the states stand at the ending of BTOP and NTIA-SBDD. Metrics of past deployment of broadband. How the states are now poised for the future. All 50 states will be reviewed and commented on. A report will be available.

Speakers by Region:

Galen Updike – Former Chair, Rural Telecom Congress

New England:
Jason Whittet – Former Dep. Dir., Mass Broadband Institute

David Salway – Director, New York State Broadband Program Office

Piedmont South:
Jane Smith Patterson – Chair, RTC.

Deep South:
David Moore – Director, Louisiana Broadband Initiative

Mike Wilson – CostQuest Associates

Great Plains:
Eric Mills – General Counsel, Connected Nation

Frank Odasz – President, Lone Eagle Consulting



11:10 am – 12:30 pm
Envisioning a Future for Broadband Deployment
Building on “50 States in 50 Minutes,” this session will look to the future for national broadband policy leadership. Informed by the State Broadband Initiative programs, as well as both a range of local, regional and national activities, this session will bring considerable depth and expertise to the next steps for broadband deployment. We’ll survey national developments, for-profit and non-profit Gigabit Network, legislative barriers to public broadband, and ongoing opportunities for public-private partnerships.

Drew Clark – Chairman and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast Club; Former Executive Director, Broadband Illinois

Lev Gonick – CEO of One Community, Cleveland
Rachelle Chong – Techwire.net; former California PUC
Christopher Mitchell – Institute for Local Self Reliance
Anne Neville – Director, State Broadband Initiative, NTIA, U.S. Dept of Commerce
David Shaw – Partner, Kirton McConkie; General Counsel, UTOPIA



12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Working Lunch Session
Financing Future Bandwidth
Need funding? Bring your questions and attend this panel discussion to hear from experts about best practices and lessons learned for multiple funding programs such as the Healthcare Connect Fund, ConnectEd, RUS, Connect America Fund and others. This will be an interactive session –with plenty of time for audience questions from this all-star panel.

Joel Mulder – Sr. Director of Business Development, G4S Technology LLC

John Honker – President, Magellan Advisors
Cynthia Schultz – Principal, The Schultz Group
William Maguire – Government Affairs Consultant, Washington DC



1:30 pm – 2:20 pm
Disruptive Technology Is Spurring Learning In the Classroom
What's new with learning content? What are MOOCs, and what’s happening with them? How are libraries involved in the new world of learning? Today learning content is being created through interactions enabled by new technologies – including portable and ubiquitous devices and a wide variety of tools that students and teachers use in the classroom – and beyond the classroom. Learn about the new technologies that are expanding the boundaries of learning from place to place, topic to topic and time to time, and how rural America can benefit from the exciting transformations under way.

Jane Patterson – Chair, Rural Telecommunications Congress

Myra Best – Executive Director, DigiLEARN
John Windhausen – Executive Director, SHLB (Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition)
Frank Odasz – President, Lone Eagle Consulting



2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Measuring Prosperity from Rural Broadband Utilization
Community leaders and economic developers promote broadband as being a good investment for their local families and businesses. But once infrastructure and services are available, the various community and economic impacts from rural broadband initiatives are often unknown or unclear. This panel will discuss the key issues that community leaders consider when measuring local economic impacts. Panelists will share insights into important metrics that document ongoing economic progress and offer examples of collaborations that help drive meaningful and measurable broadband utilization. Emphasis will be placed on driving return on investment and improvements to quality of life

Eric Ogle – RTC Treasurer, The Howard Baker Center for Public Policy

Mark DeFalco – Appalachian Regional Commission
Sharon Strover – Telecom and Information Policy Institute, U. of Texas
Frank Odasz – President, Lone Eagle Consulting
Jody Wigington – GM and CEO, Morristown (Tenn.) Utility Systems


4:10 pm – 4:45 pm
Closing Keynote:
Cool Things Rural Communities Are Doing With Broadband
Rural Minnesota Communities are working in a variety of ways to spur access and use of broadband technologies. From creating new organizations and public-private partnerships to deploying infrastructure improvements to addressing digital inclusion to increasing tech savviness of small businesses and tech professionals to promoting telework, these communities are shaping a new technology orientation leading to a brighter future.

Using creativity, existing assets and partnerships with lots of positive energy, these communities are implementing custom strategies that are making a difference, enhancing connectivity, access, skills and – possibly most importantly – attitudes. These community technology teams are equipping community members with the tools and skills they need to compete and thrive in a globally competitive world, even from the small ag communities and backwoods of rural Minnesota.

Case studies will include fiber and wireless infrastructure projects; computer refurbishment and distribution in support of education and social services; business networking and training; and economic development strategies to increase jobs and incomes.

Bill Coleman – Founder, Community Technology Advisors


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