2015 Broadband Communities Summit

CLIC 2015 Conference
Monday, April 13



Pre-Conference Day Program:

A broad group of public and private organizations
Outstanding communities, companies and individuals
Lively discussion on issues, strategies and tactics


Join Broadband Communities and the Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC) for a day of discussion and strategy regarding protecting local authority in broadband. This one-of-a-kind event will bring together a broad coalition of public and private groups and individuals who are committed to the principle that the best interests of the United States are served when localities can work on broadband projects in an atmosphere of free and open competition. Our high-profile guests will discuss the political issues around local Internet choice and share strategies and tactics for national, regional, state and local efforts to foster and protect new broadband opportunities at the local level.


10:00 am
Welcome and Introduction

Jim Baller – President, CLIC
Joanne Hovis – CEO, CLIC


10:15 – 11:00 am    
Understanding the Issues and the Law: Why Local Internet Choice Matters
America is built on its great communities. Towns, counties and cities are where economic activity and civic engagement live — and communities recognize modern broadband Internet infrastructure as essential to enable such economic and democratic activity. Yet 20 states have passed laws that limit the ability of local communities to ensure access to this critical infrastructure for their businesses and residents, foretelling a country (and a world) of gigabit haves and have nots. This session will shine a big light on why local Internet choice matters and on the balance of state and federal laws and regulations that are at the heart of hindering or helping local communities in the pursuit of their own broadband (and economic) self determination.

Jim Baller – President, CLIC
Joanne Hovis – CEO, CLIC
Derek Slater – Policy Manager, Google


11:00 am – 12:00 pm         
Making the Political Case for Local Internet Choice
According to the FCC, four out five Americans have no competitive choice for Internet speeds above 25 Mbps, a connection speed that should be “’table stakes’ in 21st century communications,” according to the FCC’s chairman. This session will make the political case for why local communities need all options on the table when the market is failing to provide an affordable choice and a level of Internet infrastructure vital to the livelihoods of their businesses, residents and especially their youth.

Lev Gonick – CEO, OneCommunity
Sam Gill – Next Century Cities, Vice President, Freedman Consulting
Gail M. Roper – Chief Information & Community Relations Officer, City of Raleigh, NC


12:00 – 12:15 pm    


12:15 pm – 1:30 pm 
Lunchtime Keynote and Panel:
Local Internet Choice and the Entrepreneurial Internet Economy

Local Internet Choice is about communities being unhindered in their pursuit for obtaining the most advanced broadband infrastructure, because that infrastructure is essential for catalyzing innovation and the competitive edge. This session will examine the enormous advances possible in the entrepreneurial Internet economy when the Internet infrastructure is no longer the barrier.

Jim Baller – President, CLIC

John M. Eger – Director, Creative Economy Initiative, San Diego State University and the Lionel Van Deerlin Endowed Chair of Communications and Public Policy

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm   
Private Sector Perspectives: Local Internet Choice is Good for Business
Advanced communications capabilities have emerged as the electricity of the Twenty-First Century. These are the platforms and drivers of simultaneous progress in everything that is vital to the economic life blood of a community – education, health care, transportation, energy, the environment, safety and economic development. This session will highlight the innumerable ways that local Internet choice is “Good for Business.”

Joanne Hovis – CEO, CLIC  
Elliot Noss – Chief Executive Officer, Ting Internet
Steve Biggerstaff – President, Director, Advisor, MetroNet
Brian Proffit – Strategic Channel Director, Higher Education, Federal Research & Systems Integrators, Zayo Group

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm   


2:45 pm – 3:45pm   
Elected Official Perspectives: Local Internet Choice Is a Bipartisan Issue
There is nothing partisan about it: Modern broadband Internet networks are essential infrastructure for economic competitiveness, democratic discourse and quality of life. This session will underscore why local Internet choice is not a partisan issue – it is an infrastructure issue – and the real-life examples that clearly demonstrate why all local communities must have the right and opportunity to choose for themselves the best broadband Internet infrastructure for their businesses, institutions, and residents.

Paul Soglin – Mayor, Madison, WI
Joey Durel – City-Parish President, Lafayette, LA
Robert Wack – Council President, Westminster, MD
Jeremy Pietzold – Council President, Sandy, OR
Grant Goings – City Manager, Wilson, NC

3:45 pm – 4:45 pm   
Building Coalitions to Protect Local Internet Choice
Join this conversation with public and private groups and individuals who are committed to the principle that the best interests of the United States are served when localities can work on broadband projects without impediments to competition. These high profile speakers will share strategies and tactics for national, regional, state and local efforts to protect and nurture new broadband opportunities at the local level.

Chris Mitchell – ILSR and Next Century Cities
Catharine Rice – Project Director, CLIC
Deb Socia – Executive Director – Next Century Cities
Aaron Deacon – Managing Director, KC Digital Drive
Tony Perez – NATOA President & Director, Office of Cable and Broadband, Seattle, WA   

Welcome Reception

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