2015 Broadband Communities Summit

Economic Development Program

Tuesday, April 14

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Future of Community Broadband: A Washington Perspective

The Obama Administration and the Federal Communications Commission have acted aggressively to encourage construction of fast, accessible networks as a tool for economic development. This can contribute greatly to America's global competitiveness, but there are many legal, political, and funding barriers. How do we expect Administration and FCC initiatives to play out over the next few years?

Lev Gonick - CEO, OneCommunity

Rollie Cole – Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute
Doug Kinkoph – Office of Telecommunications and Information, NTIA
Chris Mitchell – Director, Community Networks, Institute for Local Self-Reliance


4:10 pm – 5:30 pm
By the Numbers: Making the Economic Case

Good broadband can drive economic development, and better broadband can drive even more economic development. Here's data that connects the dots in almost any community's situation – including results from an independent analysis of the $4 billion federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP).

Ashley Stelfox - CLIC

Joanne Hovis – President, CTC Technology & Energy
Michael Curri – President, Strategic Network Group, Inc.
Michael Render – President, Lead Researcher, RVA LLC
Stephen Rhody, Ph.D. – Founding Principal, ASR Analytics, LLC
Sandeep Taxali – Senior Policy Analyst, Broadband Development Officer, NTIA, U.S. Dept. of Commerce


Wednesday, April 15

9:00 – 9:50 am
Public Private Partnerships For Economic Development

Public-private partnerships, typically at the municipal level, serve about a quarter of all premises passed by fiber in Europe. But the idea has not been widely adopted in the United States. Now, PPPs are emerging as a real option for states and localities in the United States. Whether you are a public official, a member of the private sector, or a potential beneficiary of a public-private partnership, you can't afford to miss this session. You'll learn about what works, what hasn't, and what benefits you can expect.

Diane Kruse - CEO and Lead Consultant, NeoFiber

Robin Fields Kinney – Executive Director, Finance and Admin Cabinet, KY
Robert Wack – City Council President, City of Westminster, MD

Sabrina Gosnell – Analyst and Technical Writer, CTC; former Director of Operations, UC2B
Bruce Forey – Communications Manager & Board Member, The GVTC Foundation


10:00 – 10:50 am
Successful Local Projects

Long-term survival and economic impact require more than connecting anchor tenants and municipal offices. Successful local projects require careful marketing to all stakeholders, and a multiyear plan to stimulate demand and sign up the customers. These four case studies will show the way.

Kyle Hollifield - SVP Marketing and Business Development, Magellan Advisors

Deb Acosta – Chief Innovation Officer, City of San Leandro, CA
Steve Bernard– Director, Customer Service and Business Development, Cedar Falls (IA) Utilities
Eddie Fulton
– Mayor, City of Quitman, MS
Matthew Huddleston
– Lake County (MN) Administrator


2:30 – 3:20 pm
Successful State Projects

States are increasingly assuming the role of facilitator for local projects. This session takes an in-depth look at what states are doing, and can do, without throwing money away.

Joanne Hovis - President, CTC Technology & Energy

Joe Starks – Founder & President, ECC Technologies
Elin Katz – Consumer Counsel, State of Connecticut
Danna MacKenzie – Executive Director, Broadband Development, MN
David Salway – Program Director, New York State Broadband Program


3:30 – 4:20 pm
Anchor Institutions as Drivers and Platforms for Economic Development

It seems like a no-brainer for communities to provide anchor institutions broadband connectivity. But looking ahead, judicious choices of trunk routes, access points, redundancy and more can leverage the anchor investments without cherry-picking customers needed to help fund less profitable connections. At the same time, anchor institutions are themselves helping to make networks sustainable. Learn about what has worked so far, and what prospects are for the near-term future.

Catharine Rice - Project Director, CLIC; Consultant, Broadband-Matters

Don Means – Gigabit Libraries Network
John Windhausen, Director, Schools, Libraries, & Health Broadband Coalition
Ira Levy – Chief Operating Officer, Affiniti


5:10 – 6:10 pm
Successful Regional Projects

Often, a specific region needs specific help in specific ways, if economic development goals are to be achieved. This session looks at four approaches, at scales ranging from an urban district to multi-state.

John Honker - President, Magellan Advisors

Brett Lindsey – COO, OneCommunity
Hunter Newby – CEO, Allied Fiber
Mark DeFalco – Telecommunications Initiative Manager, Appalachian Regional Commission



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