2015 Broadband Communities Summit
Brian Garcia
Managing Director–
Municipal/Debt Financing
Aegis Capital Corp.
Diane Kruse
CEO & Lead
NEO Fiber
Lev Gonick
One Community
Fred Cornwall
President, Director
Municipal Capital
Markets Group, Inc.
Nicholas Hann
Senior Managing
Director Macquarie Capital/Macquarie Group Limited
William Vallee
State Broadband
Policy Coordinator
State of Connecticut
Fletcher Kittredge
Mark Erickson
City Administrator
City of Winthrop
Dave Shaw
Kirton McConkie
Doug Dawson
CCG Consulting

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Capital is once again flowing into next-generation network infrastructure, ending a long dry spell. This time around, network operators have gotten more creative about financing: They’re finding money in new places, developing new mechanisms for funding, and combining funding sources in novel ways.

There’s private money for public networks … public money for private networks … debt, equity and lease financing … and grants from sources you may not have thought of.

At the Financing Fiber Networks workshop, you’ll learn which types of funding are most suitable for your organization – and how to successfully pursue them. Here's a sampling of what will be discussed:


9:45 am
Welcome and Introduction
Lev Gonick – CEO, OneCommunity


10:00 am – 10:50 am    
Private Financing Mechanisms
Small network builders may not have access to Wall Street, but they have many other ways to tap sources of private capital, both debt and equity. A community-based network has special appeal for investors in its own locality – whether or not they are potential customers – and some can compete for capital on a national scale. Find out what these investors are looking for and how to convince them you have a business plan you can “take to the bank.”

Lev Gonick – CEO, OneCommunity

Jason Hill – Managing Director, Media Venture Partners
Tim Nulty – Chairman, ValleyNet
Leslie Nulty – Focal Point Advisory Services/ValleyNet


11:00 am – 12:00 pm     
State and Regional Funding Programs
State and regional authorities are increasingly aware of the importance of broadband to the health of their areas, and they are taking a variety of approaches to increase broadband availability and adoption. Panelists will discuss the three very different programs that they administer and will explain how attendees can find and qualify for such funding in their own areas.

Hilda Legg – CEO, Legg Strategies

Danna MacKenzie – Executive Director, Broadband Development, Minnesota
Mark DeFalco – Telecommunications Initiative Manager, Appalachian Regional Commission
Art Ware – Dormitory Authority of the State of New York


12:00 am – 12:15 pm     


12:15 pm – 1:00 pm  
Working Lunch and Armchair Interview: Policy Proposals
As general counsel to the UTOPIA network in Utah and attorney for many other municipalities, Dave Shaw has spent years developing complex finance mechanisms to launch innovative projects. Should financing have to be so complex and difficult? In a discussion with OneCommunity founder and CEO Lev Gonick, Shaw will explain how changes to the laws could give communities additional financing options.

Lev Gonick – CEO, OneCommunity

Dave Shaw – Partner, Kirton McConkie


1:10 pm – 2:40 pm 
Municipal Debt Financing and Public-Private Partnerships
To finance their own networks or contribute toward public-private partnerships, municipalities have funding options that include general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, economic development bonds, tax-increment financing, lease purchase financing, utility fees and more. They can also contribute assets or serve as anchor tenants for private networks. In this supersession, financial experts will explain the ins and outs of the various debt instruments, and several private partners (one of them a cooperative) will describe the financial arrangements they have made with public partners. 

Brian G. Garcia – Managing Director – Municipal/Debt Financings, Aegis Capital Corp
Fred Cornwall – President, Municipal Capital Markets Group  

Nicholas Hann – Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Capital/Macquarie Group Limited
Mark Erickson – EDA Director, City of Winthrop, MN
Fletcher Kittredge – CEO, GWI


2:50 pm – 3:50 pm 
Thinking Outside the Box
Financing for fiber networks may come from unlikely sources, so network deployers must stay alert to new possibilities. This panel tells the stories of two tech companies that decided (as Google did) to invest in fiber networks. You’ll also learn how local philanthropies dedicated to improving the quality of life in their areas are contributing seed funding that network owners can leverage. Finally, instead of trying to find financing, an increasing number of communities are letting financers find them by issuing requests for information or requests for proposals.

Diane Kruse – CEO, NEO Fiber

Elliot Noss – CEO, Ting Internet
Bill Vallée – State Broadband Policy Coordinator, Connecticut
Deborah Acosta – Chief Innovation Officer, San Leandro
Bernadine Joselyn – Director, Public Policy & Engagement Program, Blandin Foundation


4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Federal Loans, Grants and USF Support
Even though the stimulus program is over, broadband is still an important priority for federal government. The FCC has created new funding streams (the Healthcare Connect Fund), increased others (E-Rate) and redirected others toward broadband (USF). The NTIA is working to identify programs across federal government agencies (Housing and Urban Development, Economic Development Administration and more) that can be applied to broadband projects. And the administration has promised the Rural Utilities Service will announce new loan opportunities for rural providers. In this session, find out which programs can help your network connect more residents, businesses and institutions.

Douglas Jarrett – Partner, Keller and Heckman

Jonathan Chambers – Chief, Office of Strategic Planning, FCC
Sandeep Taxali – Senior Policy Analyst, Broadband Development Officer, NTIA, Department of Commerce
Laurel Leverrier – Operations Branch Chief Policy and Outreach Division Telecommunications Programs, Rural Utilities Service

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Welcome Reception Sponsored by 3M


Bernadine Joselyn
Director, Public Policy & Engagement Program Blandin Foundation
Jonathan Chambers
Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning Federal Communications Commission

Doug Jarrett
Partner, Washington D.C. Office Keller and Heckman LLP
Hilda Legg
Former RUS Administrator and Vice Chair Broadband Communities
Danna Mackenzie
Executive Director Broadband
Development, MN

Tim Nulty
Chairman of the Board, ValleyNet
Leslie Nulty
Principal and owner, Focal Point Advisory Services, and consultant to ValleyNet
Elliot Noss
Ting Internet

Mark DeFalco
Manager Appalachian Regional Commission

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