2015 Broadband Communities Summit
Eliminating an FTTH Stumbling Block

In MDUs and single-family homes, much of the cost of installing FTTH is for in-home wiring.

And the cost doesn’t stop there. With a wired home network, a truck roll is needed every time a customer wants to move a TV.

Homeowners' objections to FTTH often center around in-home wiring. No one likes having holes drilled in the walls!

Until now, wireless networks didn’t have the coverage, the capacity, the reliability or the visibility to distribute gigabit services in the home.

Now far-sighted industry leaders are asking:

What if in-home wiring were no longer needed?

How would that impact your business case for fiber?

Find out about the Wi-Fi revolution that promises to make high-bandwidth home networks invisible, inexpensive and easy to manage from the network operations center.

This could revolutionize the economics of network deployments.

You'll get the timeliest and most in-depth look at this subject at Summit 2015. Learn from service providers testing the new generation of in-home wireless solutions what these solutions will mean for the bottom line.

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