2016 Broadband Communities Summit

Advancing Community Connectivity:
A Working Session

What does it mean to be a “connected community,” and how can stakeholders work together to advance broadband access, adoption and use? NTIA’s BroadbandUSA needs your wisdom and experience to define the measures that accelerate local, regional, and national broadband efforts.

The Connectivity Initiative will empower communities to assess their connectivity and strengthen their efforts to align broadband technology with local policies and priorities. The initiative will include a broadband self-assessment; report, recommendations and index; supporting programs; and a broader community of practice. Join national and local thought leaders now for an in-depth workshop to develop meaningful measures for community broadband access, adoption, policy and use. Learn from your peers and make a lasting contribution to national and local broadband programs.

Workshop Agenda (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

1:00 pm
Welcome and Introductions

Community Connectivity Initiative Overview
What are the ingredients that support planning and implementing next generation connected communities? Laura will outline the elements of the Community Connectivity Initiative as currently envisioned, providing a structure for discussion and further input.

Laura Spining – Director, BroadbandUSA, NTIA
Karen Archer Perry – Expert Advisor, BroadbandUSA, NTIA

1:20 pm
Partner Perspectives Lightening Round
The Community Connectivity self-assessment tool will help codify some of the best practices and best thinking of broadband leaders, developing a framework to expedite planning and encourage more broadband investment, equity and value. Local and national leaders will share their perspectives on developing measures for community connectivity, building a self-assessment framework and expanding support for local practitioners.

Invited Speakers:
Bernadine Joselyn – Director Public Policy and Engagement, Blandin Foundation
Bruce Patterson – Technology Director, City of Ammon, OR
Monica Babine – Senior Associate, Program for Digital Initiatives, Washington State University Division of Governmental Studies & Services
Drew Clark – President, Rural Telecommunications Congress; Of Counsel, Best Best & Krieger, LLP

1:50 pm
Community Connectivity Indicators and Assessment Design
Karen will share the current Indicator framework and set up the opportunity for in-depth conversations to critique and improve the design. The current framework includes a series of “benchmarks,” indicators and detailed attributes that cover:

  • Access – wireline, wireless, infrastructure
  • Adoption – home and mobile adoption, institutional support, skills and literacies
  • Policy – leadership, funding, use of public assets-
  • Use – government services and civic engagement, economic development and innovation, education and continuous learning, health and wellness, energy and the environment, transportation and public safety

Karen Perry – Expert Advisor, BroadbandUSA, NTIA

2:10 pm

2:40 pm
Breakout Groups: Indicator Review and Collaboration
We’ll break into small groups to discuss the indicators in depth. Our objective is gain insights to strengthen the model, to ensure that the indicators are progressive and technology neutral, and to makes sure they are applicable to different types of communities. In short, our goal is to ensure the indicators reflect your best practices, best thinking, and practical experience.

Laura Spining – Director, BroadbandUSA, NTIA
Sandeep Taxali – Senior Policy Analyst and Broadband Development Specialist, NTIA/US Department of Commerce

Karen Perry – Expert Advisor, BroadbandUSA, NTIA

3:40 pm
Wrap-up and Next Steps

4:00 pm
End on Program


Laura Spining LSpining@ntia.doc.gov (202) 482-5637
Karen Perry KPerry@ntia.doc.gov (206) 861-6043

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