2016 Broadband Communities Summit

Economic Development Program

Broadband Communities Summit
Austin, Texas
April 5-7, 2016

April 5, 2016

Welcome by Economic Development Chairman, Jim Baller, President, Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide, P.C.

1:50 pm – 2:50 pm
Blue Ribbon Panel: The Public and Private Sectors Working Together
Like electricity in the last century, advanced communications services and capabilities can become the drivers and enablers of simultaneous progress in economic development, education, health care, public safety, transportation, environmental protection, government services, digital equity, democratic discourse, and just about everything else that matters most to our communities. It has become increasingly evident, however, that neither the public nor the private sectors make this happen alone, that creative collaboration between the public and private sectors is necessary for all communities and population groups to achieve the full benefits of the Broadband Age. This Blue Ribbon Panel will explore the implications of this challenge.

Lev Gonick - CEO, OneCommunity

Chris Mitchell – Director, Community Broadband Networks Initiative, Institute for Local Self Reliance
Nicol Turner-Lee – VP and Senior Research and Policy Officer, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council
Rollie Cole – Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute for Policy Research
Doug Kinkoph – Associate Administrator, NTIA

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Federal Stimulus Projects: How Did They Drive and Support Economic Development? How Are They Faring? What’s Next?
During the last six years, the federal government invested more than $7 billion in hundreds of projects around the Nation to accelerate broadband deployment, adoption, and use. How did these programs fare? What were their main challenges and achievements, and where are they heading? In this session, we will hear from both NTIA, shepherd of $4.7 billion in broadband investments, and from some of the leading broadband stimulus recipients.

John Honker - President, Magellan Advisors

Sandeep Taxali – Senior Policy Analyst and Broadband Development Specialist – NTIA/US Department of Commerce

Lev Gonick – CEO, OneCommunity
Paul Belk – President and CEO, North Georgia Network

4:10 – 5:30 pm
Broadband and Economic Development: What the Numbers Do and Don’t Tell Us
For decades, communities that have developed or partnered for the development of advanced communications networks have almost universally cited economic development as their primary reason for doing so. But what do we really know about the relationship between broadband and economic development? What do the numbers tell us about that relationship? Do the numbers fail to measure important collateral costs and benefits? Do the numbers enable us to refine our strategies so as to maximize the economic benefits that broadband can produce? In this always popular session, our experts will bring us up to date on these important questions.

Ashley Stelfox - General Counsel, Coalition for Local Internet Choice

Michael Curri – President, Strategic Networks Group
Michael Render – President, Render Vanderslice Associates, LLC
Danna Bailey – Vice President, Corporate Communications, EPB, Chattanooga, TN


April 6, 2016

9:00 – 9:50 am
Serving Vulnerable Populations: What’s Needed? What’s Working?
As broadband works its way into every corner of our lives, all Americans, including our most vulnerable populations, must have affordable access to it, as well as the knowledge and tools to take maximum advantage of it. How well are we doing? What more needs to be done? This session explores these questions, focusing on the needs of older adults, Native Americans, Americans with disabilities, and lower-income Americans.

Nicol Turner-Lee
– Vice President and Chief Research & Policy Officer, Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC)

Debra Berlyn – Executive Director, Project GOAL (Getting Older Adults OnLine)
John Kemp – Chairman and CEO, The Viscardi Center
Matthew Rantanen – Director of Technology, Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association

10:00 – 10:50 am
The Next Big Wave in Broadband and Economic Development Initiatives: Public Private Partnerships
As interest in high capacity broadband networks has skyrocketed, many communities have come to see public-private partnerships (P3) as their best option, if not their only feasible one. Our expert panelists will discuss the costs and benefits of such partnerships and the range of available models.

Joanne Hovis – President, CTC Technology & Energy

Elliott Noss – CEO, Ting Fiber/Tucows
Bill Vallee
– Connecticut Broadband Policy & Programs Coordinator, Connecticut Broadband Office
Nick Hann – Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Capital/Macquarie Group Limited
Tom Reiman – President, The Broadband Group

2:30 – 3:20 pm
Working Successfully With Economic Development Professionals
Working as a team, broadband professionals and economic development professionals can significantly advance a community’s economic goals while simultaneously contributing to the sustainability of its broadband network. Our experts in this session will discuss and provide examples of what works well and not so well.

Kyle Hollifield - SVP, Magellan Advisors

Bruce Abraham – Senior Broadband Consultant, ECC Technologies
Aaron Deacon – Managing Director, KC Digital Divide
Mark DeFalco – Manager, Appalachian Regional Council
Frank Shap – Senior Analyst and Economic Development SME CTC Technology & Energy Kensington, MD

3:30 – 4:20 pm
Highly Successful Broadband/Economic Development Initiatives: What Are They Doing Right?
It may take years for economic studies to catch up with what we are seeing in the field every day – advanced communications capabilities driving and supporting economic development. In this session, our panelists, representing a wide range of communities in which this is occurring, will share their experiences with us.

Jane Smith Patterson - President, The View Forward-Go Forward, CLIC Board of Advisors, Chapel Hill, NC

Mitsuko R. Herrera – Special Assistant for Planning, Policy, and Special Projects, Montgomery County, MD
James Benham – CEO, JBKnowledge, Inc., City Councilman, College Station, Texas
Keith Gabbard – CEO, Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative (PRTC)
Robert Wack – President, City Council, Westminster, Maryland
Terry Huval – Utility Director, Lafayette Utilities System, Lafayette, LA

5:10 – 6:10 pm
Key Legal Issues Affecting Broadband/Economic Development Projects
From coping with state barriers to entry to acquiring timely pole attachments to complying with regulatory requirements to qualifying for E-Rate subsidies, critical legal issues affect every broadband/economic project. How a community addresses them can have a huge impact on the success of its project. In this session, our legal experts review and update the latest legal developments that are likely to arise in such a project.

Sean Stokes and Casey Lide – Principals, Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide, PC


April 7, 2016

10:40 am – 11:30 am
Broadband and Education
It’s a win-win partnership. Better education for all is key if we’re to close the economic gap, and better broadband – both in school and at home – is key in unlocking that better future. From E-Rate and other programs to finance your community’s upgrade to the programs that help run it… from how to close the looming gap in qualified teachers to how to close the homework gap… to real A+ success stories, it’s a session where you’ll learn it all.

Maria Alvarez Stroud – Director, Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Joanne Hovis – President and CEO, CTC Technology & Energy
Don Means – Founder and Principal, Digital Village Associates
Tim Bobrowski, Ed.D – Superintendent of Schools, Owsley County Board of Education
Brian Shih – Senior Network Consultant EducationSuperHighway






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