2016 Broadband Communities Summit

General Sessions

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7:50 am – 8:00 am
Official Welcome and Introduction

8:00 am – 9:00 am
Featured Keynote Address:
“The Internet of Things: Financial and Societal
Impacts on Urban and Rural America”

The Internet of Things promises new forms of automation – and new uses for broadband technology – but activities have been scattered among disparate applications. How will cities and rural areas alike benefit from “smart cities” and other Internet of Things applications?

Sponsored by Google Fiber

Introduced by the Rural Telecommunications Congress

Mark Johnson – Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Data Architecture, MCNC

Drew Byrd – Strategic Account Executive, Segment Lead for Real Estate & Facility Management Schneider Electric(invited)
Florence D. Hudson – Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Internet2
Jason Whittet – GE, Intelligent Cities; VP, Rural Telecommunications Congress

9:10 am – 10:20 am
Blue Ribbon Panel: Great Communities
Featured properties highlighting the best of everything. Four great case studies that are pretty fantastic. These MDU properties are using technology amenities to wow their residents. Find out how and why they did it.
(Grand Ballroom A)
Sponsored by iPhotonix

Jackie Tromner, CPP, CPPM – Director, Strategic Business Services, AMLI Residential

Featured Properties:

Deer Ridge Apartment, Jamestown, ND
Tom Warren - Application Engineer, Clearfield
Rod Wolters – COE Tech, Dakota Central Telecommunications

Square at Seven Oaks, Bakersfield, CA
Andrew Fuller– President, Fuller Apartment Homes
Sean P. Kelly – Field Applications Engineer – POL/OLS, CommScope

San Travesia, Scottsdale, AZ
Guillermo Alvarez-Rivas – Director of Multi-Family Sales, Cox Communications
Dale Phillips – President, Mark-Taylor

AMLI South Shore, Austin, TX
Marcy Phillips – Vice President, Austin Development, AMLI

10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Let’s Gigafy America
Three technologies. Three competitive business plans. Myriad service offerings and add-ons. One goal: reliable gigabit broadband for everyone.
(Grand Ballroom A)

Featured Keynote Speaker:
Hugh Forrest – Director, SWXW Interactive Festival

Diane Kruse
– CEO and Consultant, Neo Connect

Eric Boyer – Senior Vice President, Commercial & Connected Communities, AT&T
Hossam Salib – Vice President of Access Technology Strategy, XFINITY Communities
Mark Strama – Director of Business Operations, Google Fiber, Austin

12:40 pm – 1:40 pm
General Session:
What Can You Do With A Gig?

Find out about the new gigabit applications that are getting ready to launch. Bill Wallace, executive director of US Ignite, will present demonstrations of exciting applications that will soon transform the delivery of health, energy, city services and more.
Working Lunch
(Grand Ballroom A)

Bill Wallace – Executive Director, US Ignite

Lev Gonick – CEO One Community
Danna Bailey – Vice President, Corporate Communications, EPB, Chattanooga, TN
David Lary – Professor, University of Texas, Dallas
Aaron Deacon – Managing Director, KC Digital Drive

1:50 pm – 2:50 pm
General Session:
The State of the Union of Wireless

It's tough to get cellular and Wi-Fi signals to MDU residents these days. They need seamless connections, and modern building materials are energy-efficient but block cell sites. Here's what works, in different situations.
(Grand Ballroom A)

Dave Russell – Senior Marketing Director, Calix

Richard Sherwin – CEO, Spot On Networks
Dan Leaf – Founder & CEO, Leaf Communications
Mark Kerschner – Wireless Product Manager, CommScope
Izik Kirshenbaum – Co-Founder, President & Chairman of the Board, Siklu Communications


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

7:30 am – 8:00 am
Continental Breakfast and Program:
Fifty States of Broadband

Recently SNG and Rural Telecommunication Congress Rural TeleCon reached out to all fifty states to uncover what exactly is going on with broadband activities and investment. This session will discuss trends being seen – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and provide everyone who attends a comprehensive report.
(Glass Oaks Room)

Michael Curri – Founder and President, Strategic Networks Group

Lori Sherwood – Director of Broadband Development, Vantage Point Solutions
Monica Babine – Senior Associate, Washington State University
Doug Adams – Director, Marketing & Communications, Strategic Networks Group, Inc.


8:00 am – 8:45 am
Magellan Presents In-depth Community Broadband Business Model Benchmarking Study
There are many different business models and approaches that communities use to improve broadband services. This session will give attendees a unique perspective and in-depth look into the inner-workings of several community broadband projects, exploring detailed steps that have lead to some of the most successful next-generation broadband networks. Magellan’s presentation will focus on analysis of the real world business, financial and deal structures that communities are using today to attract next-generation broadband. Attendees will learn about key benchmarks that are critical for success of these networks and how to use them to test broadband opportunities in their communities.
(Glass Oaks Room)

Kyle Hollifield – Senior Vice President, Magellan Advisors
John Honker - President, Magellan Advisors


5:10 pm – 6:10 pm
Playing With Gigabits: Austin’s Creative Industry Goes High-Speed
This panel will focus on the opportunities that are available to Austin’s creative sector because of giga speeds. The moderator and panelists from Austin will provide information about SXSW Interactive, Austin’s gaming community, and Austin’s creative sector in general, with a focus on how giga speeds are important to each.
(Glass Oaks Room)

Rondella Hawkins – Officer, Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs, City of Austin, TX

Hugh Forrest – Director, SXSW Interactive Festival, Austin, TX
Jim Butler – Manager, City of Austin, TX
Jennifer Bullard – Chairman, International Game Developers Association, Austin, TX


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