2016 Broadband Communities Summit

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Workshops on Monday, April 4th

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          • Each attendee can attend three workshops
          • No limit on the number attending from any individual company
          • Learn from leading experts teaching six valuable sessions

Workshop #1
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Steve Ross
– Editor-at-Large, Broadband Communities

Step your use of our free business modeling and cash flow analysis tools up a notch — or more — by attending our free pre-conference workshops. Editor-at-large Steve Ross, the models' author, will take you through the process, concentrating on use of our tool for determining the return on various broadband investments in a subdivision or multiple dwelling unit environment.


Workshop #2
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Workshop Leader:
Marty Wold
– Vice President, Business Development, Korcett

David Daugherty – Founder & CEO, Korcett
Henry Pye – Vice President, RealPage
Scott Craig – Founding Partner, Davis Craig & Taylor, PLLC
Michael Finley – Owner, Cautela Solutions, Ltd.

A 2-hour deep-dive workshop to get through all the new technical and financial challenges faced by developers of on-campus student housing.  David Daugherty will lead a table full of experts who have been walking the walk at colleges and universities across the country.  From large institutions to small, public and private, students need — and demand — more broadband, in more ways, and with more reliability than ever before.  Colleges need to be, well, educated about what student fees might be necessary to pay for the infrastructure and why various features are needed.  Not doing student housing now? Consider attending anyway.  Student housing is the canary in the broadband coal mine. It's an early warning system for what everyone will want in a few years.





Workshop #3
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Workshop Leader:
Richard Holtz – CEO, InfiniSys

Multiple Dwelling Uniti construction and greenfield broadband opportunities are at a 10-year high, while MDU residents craving gigabit access and seamless cellular have continued to grow in number as well. MDU broadband is not just for students and employees of high-tech companies anymore. MDUs now must accommodate cord-cutters, work-at-home professionals in fields ranging from medicine to teaching piano, and even 4K TV watchers. Building upon his wildly acclaimed Summit workshops over the past years, Richard Holtz and a panel of innovative deployers and technical experts will take you on an enlightening journey. They're prepared to answer your toughest questions, too. No holds barred.

Dave Russell – Senior Marketing Director, Calix

Tim Race – Hospitality Solutions, Ruckus Wireless
Chris Amilcare – Field Sales Engineer, East Region, D-Link Systems
Kristi Johnson – Americas Market Development Manager ,Corning Optical Communications LLC
John Hoover – Senior Product Manager, Access Products, Tellabs
Tom Stender – CTO/VP, InfiniSys

Jerry Meier – RCDD Product Manager, Opterna

Workshop #4
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Deliver a Subscriber Experience Like Never Before Hosted by Calix

Deliver a Subscriber Experience Like Never Before
Broadband has given consumers countless opportunities and benefits over the past 20 years. However, there’s always been a frustration with the inability of service providers to match broadband services with consumer expectations. Until now. Gigabit services have tapped into the imagination of consumers nationwide and the result is a renewed expectation for a superior experience at home, on-the-go and at work. This session will offer an analysis of a number of successful Gigabit service offerings examining the business case for investing in fiber networks. Further, Calix will provide examples of how service providers are differentiating their service offerings citing real-world examples including the use of carrier-class Wi-Fi, home network visibility and analysis of the subscriber experience.

Workshop #5
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Workshop Leaders
Ian Davis – Telecommunications Attorney, Founding Partner, Davis, Craig & Taylor, PLLC
Art Hubacher – Managing Member, Hubacher & Ames, PLLC

This workshop will review basic points of critical items of a contract.  A step by step approach when reviewing and creating a contract with providers.


Workshop #6
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Workshop Leader
Michael Curri – President, Strategic Networks Group

This workshop will focus on the importance of getting states, regions and local economic development agencies to start putting in place the programming and technical assistance to help small businesses take advantage of the broadband they have.  Otherwise the network investments will not see the returns they expect to be sustainable, nor will they realize the full economic benefits if only a fraction of small to medium sized businesses move their operations online. Curri and his colleagues base their advice in part on data they have collected from 31,144 businesses across 8 states. 

Ms. Jennifer Smith – Communications Manager, UWEX Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center
Doug Adams – Director, Marketing & Communications, Strategic Networks Group, Inc.
Bill Coleman – CommunityTechnologyAdvisors.com Consultant to Blandin Foundation

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