2017 Broadband Communities Summit
Jason Longenecker
Jason Longenecker
Project Manager
New Light Technologies

Jason Longenecker has spent over 15 years supporting the telecommunications industry. He enjoys using his talents in information technologies, geographic information systems, and business process improvements to develop solutions that benefit community broadband providers. Mr. Longenecker has been a project manager at New Light Technologies for over 12 years, supporting numerous clients such as FEMA, Esri, and DC-Net, the DC Government’s municipal broadband program. At FEMA, Mr. Longenecker managed a multi-million dollar program that supports FEMA’s Geospatial Intelligence Units throughout the country by providing staff, equipment, training, data, and enterprise GIS applications. Over the last six years, Mr. Longenecker has managed a home-grown spatial and network application for 50+ users at DC-Net. In the last year, Mr. Longenecker has begun sharing his complementing GIS and telecom experiences with the broadband community through the Utility LINE blog (www.Utility-LINE.com) and written two articles in Broadband Communities Magazine on, DIY Fiber Mapping and Estimating.


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