2017 Broadband Communities Summit
Catharine Rice
Catharine Rice
Project Director
Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC)

Catharine Rice is Project Director for the Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC), and consultant with Broadband-Matters. For more than a decade, Catharine has been a cable and broadband consultant serving North Carolina communities in planning and deploying local broadband systems and closing the digital divide, focusing particularly on those communities in the Research Triangle area and surrounding rural counties. Highlights of her work includes working with the Town of Chapel Hill on the development of a free Wifi network to serve underprivileged students in the public housing neighborhoods who have no internet access at home (now in pilot phase); assisting Carrboro in its role as a participant in the Triangle’s NCNGN project, and contributing to the development, implementation and now current promotion of North Carolina’s first community-owned, fiber-to-the-home Gigabit network Wilson, North Carolina. Ms Rice is known for spearheading a grassroots effort, and lobbying to defend, local community authority to offer broadband services between 2007 and 2011. She is currently on the Board of Directors of NATOA, the Secretary/Treasurer for its Virginia Chapter, VATOA and a Council delegate on the City of Alexandria, Virginia’s IT Commission. She holds a Masters’ Degree from the Annenberg School of Communications and a B.A. from the University of Michigan.





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