2017 Broadband Communities Summit

CLIC BCC Preconference Day Date:
Monday, May 1, 2017


Join the Coalition for Local Internet Choice for a day of learning and discussion about how to overcome barriers that impede development of advanced communications networks. Our interactive panels of experts will share best practices and experiences about developing robust, resilient network strategies — including a full range of public-private partnerships — and overcoming a range of barriers that limit community Internet choice, including political, legal, financial, market, and resource barriers.

Making Local Internet Choice Happen in a Changing Environment:
Opportunities and Challenges in 2017

1:00 PM        
Welcome and opening remarks

1:10 – 1:50 pm 
A New Administration in Washington: Challenges and Opportunities for the Local Broadband Future
2017 brought to Washington a new President, Congress, and FCC.  In this session, we will explore what this new reality in D.C. will mean for local internet choice and for broadband opportunity in our communities. Among other things, we will discuss the potential for new infrastructure spending, the enhanced opportunities for public/private partnerships, and how local internet choice might fair under a Telecommunications Act rewrite.

Jim Baller – President, CLIC

Blair Levin – Communications & Society Fellow, Brookings Institute, CLIC Board of Advisors
Angelina Panettieri – Principal Associate for Technology and Communications, Federal Advocacy, National League of Cities (NLC)
Heather Burnett Gold – President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association

2:00 – 2:50 pm
The 2017 State Legislative Session: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Internet Choice
The 2017 state legislative session is coming to a close in most states. What has this year’s legislative session meant for local internet choice and for the future of broadband in our local communities? Have the predictions that this would be a difficult year panned out and what have we learned about protecting and promoting local broadband authority at the state level?

Ashley Stelfox – General Counsel, CLIC

Jennifer Eddy – Chief Strategist, Eddy Communications
Deb Socia – Executive Director, Next Century Cities
William Vallee – Connecticut Broadband Policy & Programs Coordinator, Connecticut Broadband Office
Christopher Mitchell – Director, Community Broadband Networks, Institute for Local Self Reliance

3:00 – 3:30 pm
Stories from the Front Lines: Best Practices and Lessons learned from CLIC’s State Chapters
This session will feature the front line stories from CLIC’s chapters on their efforts to make local internet choice a reality in their states. They will discuss strategies they have used to organize, shape, and communicate their message, at both the local and state levels, and will discuss why it is critical for local communities to have the authority to determine their own broadband and economic futures.

Will Aycock – General Manager, Greenlight, City of Wilson, NC

Catharine Rice
- CLIC Project Director & Co-Founder, CLIC-NC
Christa Wagner Vinson -  Consultant, Wagner Vinson Consulting, CLIC-NC
Todd Barnes - Communications Director, Thornton, Colorado, Co-Founder, CLIC-CO

3:45 – 4:45 pm          
Making Local Internet Choice a Reality in our Rural Communities
Local internet choice is critical to broadband deployment and rural economies. In this session, we will examine how various communities are addressing the rural/urban broadband divide in their states, and the essential role that local governments are playing in enabling and stimulating broadband deployment. We will learn about emerging best practices for rural projects and the growing understanding that broadband is a necessary and essential component of long term rural community vitality.

Joanne Hovis – CLIC, CEO

Mark Erickson – Executive Director, Economic Development Administration, City of Winthrop, MN
Philip Elswick – Deputy City Manager/City Engineer, City of Pikesville, KY
Jordana Barton – Senior Advisor in Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Eric Cramer - President, CEO, Wilkes Communications/RiverStreet Networks

4:45 – 5:00 pm
Closing Remarks

















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