2017 Broadband Communities Summit

Editor’s Choice Track

Wednesday, May 3

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Editor’s Choice
Open Access Fiber Networks – Success Stories
Community leaders want citizens to be able to choose among fiber-to-the-home providers - but in most towns, no one is building any fiber networks at all. The solution: an open-access community network. Find out how to bring the benefits of competition to your community while avoiding the pitfalls that some early open-access networks encountered.

Andrew Cohill
– President, Design Nine, Inc.

Brit Fontenot
– Director of Economic Development, City of Bozeman, MT
Bjorn Wannman – Partnerships and Strategic Accounts, COS Systems
Paul Avis – Superintendent of Telecommunications,  Kitsap PUD, Washington State
Blake Mobley – IT Director, Rio Blanco, Colorado
Richard Jones – Chief Commercial Officer, VenturaNext


Thursday, May 4

8:00 am – 9:00 am
Editor’s Choice
History and Future of Open Access Networks in Michigan: Leveraging Infrastructure to Expedite Broadband Deployment
Michigan has a rich history of fiber-optic development. State-wide, municipal and rural fiber infrastructure has been developed with open access models to allow for the best utilization and leveraging of this critical resource. Join fiber operators from each of these sectors as they share information and stories of their success, challenges and vision on Open Access fiber development.

John Windhausen
– Executive Director, Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition

Pete Hoffswell
– Broadband Services Manager, Holland Board of Public Works
Ron Siegel – General Manager/Network Manager, Allband Communications Cooperative
Elwood Downing – VP Business Development & Community Networks, Merit Network

9:10 am – 10:00 am
Editor’s Choice
Local Government Financing of Broadband: The ECFiber Story
ECFiber is the result of a public private partnership between 24 towns and ValleyNet, a non-profit ISP.  The 326 miles of network has been built with $7+ million in local investment dollars from over 450 investors and a partnership with the State of VT for 30 miles of dark fiber.  After 5 years of this Crowdfinancing, neighborhood by neighborhood, in April of 2016 we had 3 years of audited financials and were EBITDA positive. Working with Municipal Capital Markets, we were able to raise $9.2 million in the public markets allowing us to nearly double the size of our network and complete a build out, border to border, in 6 of our 24 towns. This presentation is a story of local control and local investment in a powerful FTTP network. It is a lesson on starting small, growing responsibly, and being ready for the next big steps. Municipal Capital Markets has advised ECFiber each step of the way. Their belief in us and this network, our solid track record, and a market prepared to invest brings us to today. Municipal Capital Markets will present information on the elements needed for local government financing of broadband, the opportunities and the challenges.

Carole D. Monroe
– CEO, ValleyNet, Inc.

Stan Williams
– CFO, ValleyNet, Inc.
James Anderson – Senior Vice President, Director, Municipal Capital Markets
Christopher Perlitz - Director of Business Development, Municipal Capital Markets

1:10 pm -2:10 pm
Editor’s Choice
Smart Cities
Smart Cities applications represent one of the most exciting areas of innovation that localities are pioneering over broadband networks. From managing traffic and protecting safety to cleaning and greening public spaces, from monitoring air quality to improving public transit -- a new generation of applications and devices is making cities more livable, more functional, and more efficient. This session will feature a panel of Smart City pioneers from some of the most innovative cities in America to discuss what has worked, what hasn’t, and what role broadband is playing in enabling the Smart City of the future.

Joanne Hovis
– President, CTC Technology & Energy
Jim Loter – Director of Digital Engagement, City of Seattle, WA
Jascha Franklin-Hodge – CIO, City of Boston, MA
Scott Shapiro – Chief Innovation Officer, City of Lexington, KY

2:20 pm – 3:20 pm
Editor’s Choice
Pulling It All Together: What We Have Learned About Advanced Broadband Networks and the Future of Work, and Where Do We Go From Here
This session will be a town hall on the future of work.  Gary Bolles, joined by the Chairs of the Economic Development, Rural, and Multi-Family tracks, will review the work-related issues that have emerged during the conference, and will invite the audience to participate in an active discussion of and talk about the path forward for broadband-enabled communities that are continually able to adapt in disruptive times.

Deborah Fallows – Writer, Linguist
James Fallows – National Correspondent, The Atlantic Monthly




















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