2018 Broadband Communities Summit
Testimonials from 2017 Summit

“Great first time visit to the Summit. Good conversations all around!”

Kevin Mitchell
Vice President, Marketing

“Year after year, the Broadband Communities Summit keeps our team informed about relevant telecommunication trends that impact the multifamily industry. The 2017 Summit in Dallas continued this trend. It helps gives us the edge needed to give valuable insight to our property owners and managers.”

Mike Coco
Choice Property Resources, Inc

“I loved sharing our story at the Summit. My favorite quote afterward: "I loved your presentation. It gave me hope for my rural broadband expansion project!"

Cheryl DeBerry
Natural Resources Business Specialist
Garrett County, MD

“Plenty of talk about the intersection of technology, broadband, the workforce and economic development. And the coffee was great. Is this heaven or what?”

Jackie Miskimins
Directory of Marketing
Vantage Point

“It was standing room only at the Summit! Congrats, Broadband Communities.”

Pete Hoffswell
Broadband Services Manager
Holland Board of Public Works

“A good Summit and great to see some old friends again, as well as start some new conversations.”

Michael Curri
Founder and President
Strategic Networks Group

“Such a great conference! Everything broadband, cable and telecomm.”

Oscar N. Urteaga
Manager, Government Affairs
Cox Communications

“I thought this Summit was full of new and positive energy.  Looking forward to Atlanta!”

Ashley M. Stelfox
Baller Stokes & Lide, P.C.

Testimonials from 2016 Summit

“I identify the Austin Broadband Summit as the crown jewel of conferences I attend each year and strive to push our Canadian conferences to raise the bar and standard.

Bob Dyrda
Broadband Projects,
Alberta SouthWest Regional Economic Alliance

“Thank you for a great conference, a terrific financial primer (and tools), and an outstanding networking opportunity. I came there hoping to get through 101, and though I know the well is deep and will require a great deal more work, I feel that I was introduced and immersed into upper-level and grad courses (if you'll put up with my metaphor) simultaneously.”

David Post
City Councilman,
City of Salisbury, NC

“Our connections were with quality people/companies with whom we can partner and gain new customers. You all are amazing in what you do, and we thank you for creating a great event where our businesses can shine. My leadership team is happy!”

Chris Force
Marketing Manager,
Mesh Networks, LLC

“This is my third year at the Broadband Communities Summit and Henkels & McCoy’s first year exhibiting. After attending last year’s show, I put the Summit into the communications trade show budget for 2016, and I am really pleased with the results. The market is growing, and it shows in the attendance and participation at the Summit. Already looking forward to next year.”

Bob Dundon
Market Director, Communications,
Henkels & McCoy, Inc

“We had a great time at the Summit! It was a very well-organized and engaging conference for all of us. Kudos to everyone involved. ”

Denver Hollingsworth
Marketing Manager,
Epproach Communications

“The conference was excellent. I’ve suggested to several people that they attend the next one.”

Dennis Nichols
Village of Batavia, OH

“We are super happy about this year’s Summit. We have so much work now that we would need at least 48 hours per day.”

Isak Finer
Chief Marketing Officer,
COS Systems

“The Summit was a great opportunity for newcomers [like] us. We hope next year to bring even more employees to the event.”

Oliver Pilco
Access Infrastructure Partners

“The Broadband Communities Summits have always been very well-organized, timely and varied. The many panels range from very practical to theoretical, but the panelists all strive to communicate the wisdom and real-life knowledge they’ve acquired in their professional lives in genuine and effective ways. I can’t wait for the next BBC Summit.”

Bill Vallée
State Broadband Policy Coordinator,
State of Connecticut

“I am a firm believer that, to be successful, you must lead and not follow! This is why Asset Essentials stays ahead of the telecom trends and the up-and-coming technology that affect the multifamily industry, and the annual Broadband Communities Summit is a great opportunity to do that. In an industry with so many conferences, this is one that my team and I truly look forward to each year. ”

Gurpaul Singh
Asset Essentials

Testimonials from 2015 Summit

"... I get a lot of cities from all over the nation that call and ask me to tell them the Sandynet story and to ask questions about how we did what we did.  These are people with desire to move forward in their communities with fiber but are still struggling on which model will work best for them and how to get the ball rolling.  I tell them as a city looking at this they should do three things.  They need to join NATOA, Next Century Cities and they need to attend the Austin Broadband Communities Summit and the CLIC day in April ... so I am so glad that you will be doing it again this year."

Jeremy Pietzold
City Council President/Sandynet Chair
 City of Sandy, OR

"As a leading telecom consultant, Asset Essentials never misses the annual Broadband Summit. It is a great conference for me and my team to stay up to date with current trends and hear about the newest technology entering the multi-family industry. It is an informative, not to mention fun, two days that we look forward to every year."

Gurpaul Singh
Asset Essentials

“I am back from attending the Broadband Community Summit and will tell you it was one of the most exciting and rewarding events I have ever attended. I have so much to learn and attending this event has helped me tremendously in this journey. The level of education and expertise along with the common sense approach of the three track program was more than I had thought possible. I plan to ask our Governor to send someone to next year's Summit as it is a very valuable experience.”

Mayor Eddie Fulton
City of Quitman, MS

“The BBC team once again batted a homer over the fence, the event was perfect and the energy was greater than ever. The unanimous popular opinion among all participants is that BBC is by far the best organization in our field!”

William Vallee
State Broadband Policy Coordinator
State of Connecticut

“A very professional effort put forth by every one of the BBC staff. The conference was outstanding, and it was extremely professional and the networking opportunities were second to none.”

Gordon Caverly, RCDD
Regional Vice President
Mid-State3 Consultants

“The Broadband Communities Summit was a fantastic event. We met with lots of people interested in what SiFi Networks has to offer. The schedule of guest speakers was fantastic and the workshops very useful, we look forward to hopefully attending again next year."

Sara Pickstock
Marketing and Communications Director
SiFi Networks

“Each speaker described their individual origins within their deployment, key positives and negatives. As a first time participant, the event was very impressive.”

Mayor William Wescott
City of Rock Falls, IL

“Real world experiences and the associated consequences – found value in all of the panelist’s commentary.”

David Hopkins
911 Director
Southern Tree Network

“The keynote presentations were very useful in casting key broadband issues in a very important global light.”

Andrea Brown
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (KY)

“Without my visit to the Summit, we would not be where we are today. The sessions were very informative. We plan on attending next year, but instead of just me, we have a large contingency that wants to attend. I am also recommending this to all Counties that we are asked to speak with.“

Rick Wilson
Walton County Board of County Commissioners
Projects and Programs Manager

“All the session including the actual muni broadband case studies were very useful. Best conference and friendliest I’ve been to in years.”

Saul Tannenbaum
Community Member
Cambridge Broadband Task Force (MA)

“The sessions gave great examples and covered all types of financing. Overall, this was a great conference. Was my first time here but not my last.”

Terrie Salinas
Economic Development Director
Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council (TX)


Testimonials from 2014 Summit

"As a leading telecom consultant, Asset Essentials never misses the annual Broadband Summit. It is a great conference for me and my team to stay up to date with current trends and hear about the newest technology entering the multi-family industry. It is an informative, not to mention fun, two days that we look forward to every year."

Gurpaul Singh
Asset Essentials

"I appreciate the visionary forecasts of experts in the field of broadband.  Keynotes were excellent.  Lots of insights and great stories."

David Moore
Louisiana Broadband Initiative

"Summit always provides valuable insight into market trends."

Brian Pagnella
Senior Consultant
Broadband Reality Advisors

"Good industry overview, exposure to people across the industry and industry information."

Eric Friedman
Housing and Community Solutions, Inc.

"Great spectrum of information in the ecosystem of broadband."

John Huggins
Broadband Connect, LLC

"The speakers were well informed and prepared… great networking opportunity."

Kevin Gerber
Project Manager
Forest City Residential Management

"Great talent, knowledge, diversity and networking."

Gordon Caverly
Regional Vice President
Mid-States Consultants

"Good clarification of options and recommendations for future considerations when planning infrastructures.  All [panels] were good – information valuable! Speakers were very knowledgeable and informative."

Christine Taylor
Manager, Ancillary Services
Forest City Residential Management

"Very useful, hands on, anecdotal, personal experience based event."

Michal Anderson
Spiral Internet

"Eye opening topics and great networking opportunity."

Jim Slattery
VP of Advanced Technologies
Hotwire Communications

"Great networking opportunity and to meet the various groups that serve the property owners."

Robert Luce

"All the speakers were awesome and the presentations were great."

Donna Sullivan
Technical Assistant Director
NC Department of Commerce – NC Broadband

"Good focus on services – current state and future direction."

Jody Wigington
General Manager, CEO
Morristown Utility Systems

"Very important, useful and impactful information pertinent to communities building and supporting networks."

Allen Meyer
Business Development Manager
BHC Rhodes

Testimonials from 2013 Summit

"As I have reflected on the Broadband Communities event in Dallas April 16 -18, I must say I am still overwhelmed. The quality of content from every panel over the 3 days was superb. The speakers were truly expert and motivating, and the technologists and corporate representatives, especially those provisioning fiber, and gigabit solutions, were world class. For Rural Telecom Congress (RTC) and its members, the creation of new relationships and associations, and the visioning of future policy trends and opportunities at community, state and federal levels, will have long lasting nationwide impacts. Thank you Broadband Communities Magazine for a best ever program."

Galen M. Updike
Broadband Planning Manager
ADOA - Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) Office | State of Arizona

"This was my first Broadband Communities Summit and I am so happy that I attended. The summit program was full of interesting, relevant content and allowed for great networking with others. It was fantastic timing with Google Fiber coming to Austin."

Rondella Hawkins
Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs
City of Austin

"This was the best Summit ever. Great substance, strong speakers, and positive energy everywhere."

Jim Baller
Baller Herbst Law Group, PC

"Participating in this year's Summit was very beneficial to learn of rapidly emerging best practices. The speakers and panelists brought the content to life and there was greater focus on what's working well in the broadband ecosystem. I'm looking forward to attending in 2014."

Stanley Adams
Broadband Planning Manager
Kansas City Department of Commerce

"The Summit is unique in combining a broad-cross section of views with a common vision and a massive amount of energy. I couldn't have left more excited about what people all across the country are thinking and doing to make broadband a better platform for delivering a better future."

Blair Levin
Executive Director
Gig. U

"As Developers, we always felt technology could and should serve as a cornerstone of our Nexton Community in Charleston SC. Attending the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit has empowered our entire team to understand and then demand excellence in broadband infrastructure. While our industries have very different focus and planning requirements, we are aligned with the commitment to enable what Broadband Communities defines as achievable and cost effective next generation all fiber broadband networks."

John Grab
MWV - Nexton
Vice President
Real Estate Development & Land Management

"Each session had such diversity between the panelists. They kept the discussions balanced and informative."

Letitia Tucker
Director of Ancillary Services

Testimonials from 2012 Summit

"I found the keynote presentations insightful and of value … the sessions provide valuable information, insight and lessons learned and are not overrun or bombarded with sales pitches."

Jeff Jackson
Lumbee River EMC

“Excellent learning/networking … excellent speakers … very informative/good contacts …very good conference.”

Eric W. Price
Thompson & Litton

“Very insightful and enjoyable sessions from start to finish.”

Michael Webb
Region 2 Planning and Development Council

“Great education for municipal managers who are trying to become knowledgeable about broadband … it is a way to gain valuable information and professional contacts.”

John A. Seymour
City of Opelika, AL

“It is great to network with other people in the same business as well as speaking face to face with the providers … there is something for everyone. Good conference/networking.”

Carol Quigley
Forest City Enterprises

“Lots of topics, lots of networking opportunities.”

Curtis Dean
Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

“Good information and met lots of key people in MDU world … connections with leaders in MDU segment … quality of attendees and panels. Workshops were great!”

Theresa Bash
Century Link

“It was a great introduction for newcomers on broadband situation in the USA . Can learn a lot on other’s positive and negative experience.”

Gregor Smolej
Iskratel (Slovenia, Europe)

Testimonials from 2011 Summit

"The Broadband Properties Summit is the best and most comprehensive broadband show in the United States."

Galen Updike, President
Rural Telecommunications Congress

“The 2011 Summit was end to end value from the get go. The trip paid for itself in the first hour. Gravy from here on.”

James Van Leeuwen
Liven Networks

“This Summit provided great insight, education and networking.”

Brian Pagnella
Broadband Realty Advisors

“For a rookie like me, this Summit provided the nuts and bolts of broadband.”

Bryan George

“It’s obvious that all speakers put a lot of effort into their presentations. I enjoyed them all and loved the mix.”

Lori Reeves
Forest City

“The Broadband Communities Summit provides a great source of information. I really enjoyed the discussion of trends and future directions.”

Steve Belter
Indiana Dataline

“Broadband Properties [or Broadband Communities] Magazine has become essential reading for those of us in the fiber community in the United States, and this year’s Summit was off the charts for quality and content.”
Jim Baller
The Baller Herbst Law Group, PC

“This Summit is a great way for people to stay ahead of the game and understand competition.”

James Sherry
ADVA Optical Networking

“The speakers were informative and engaging. They provided a great overview of industry trends.”

David Girvan
United Electric Coop

“The Summit was very well organized, with a wealth of topics to choose from. The Rural Broadband Program had outstanding speakers!”

Marion Ware

“Overall, the Summit was extremely insightful. There was a plethora of very useful information and tons of networking opportunities across the industry.”

John Jones
Los Alamos County

“The Summit provided a great speaker lineup. They were sincere, believers of broadband, experienced and helpful.”

Bill Vallee
State of Connecticut

“This was a very thought-provoking event with great opportunities to meet folks in the field.”

Matt Schmit
University of Minnesota

Testimonials from 2010 Summit


One Of The Largest Gatherings of Broadband Leaders – A Unique Opportunity
“I'm very appreciative of the leadership role that Broadband Properties is playing in the broadband policy arena, particularly as it relates to the production of the annual Broadband Properties Summit—which is one of the largest gatherings of broadband leaders from across the country each year. The summit provides a rare opportunity to hear a wide range of perspectives concerning the deployment and adoption of broadband services—and a unique opportunity for participants to discuss and collaborate, as well as establish synergies and partnerships that might not otherwise be formed.”
Brent Legg, VP – State Development
Connected Nation


A Great Overview . . . Innovative . . . Bustling With Energy . . . Lively . . . Informative
“I was impressed with the energy at the Broadband Properties Summit as well as its comprehensive agenda. By integrating diverse groups from State and Federal government, property management, Communication Service Providers and the vendor community, the Broadband Properties Summit gave a great overview of the current state of the telecom industry, as well as where it is going in the future. The showcase featured innovative products and was bustling with energy. The speakers and the panels were lively and informative. I can’t wait for the 2011 Summit!”
Ken Pyle, Managing Editor


The Absolute Best Place To Learn About The Future Of Broadband
“The National Broadband Plan is going to turn our country and our industry upside down. Broadband Properties has the best, most authoritative and comprehensive coverage of broadband of any trade publication in the industry. I've attended the Summit for several years, and it's the absolute best place to hear about the issues and see the products that will shape the future of broadband. If you can only go to one conference, make it the Broadband Properties Summit.”
Kermit L. Ross, Principal
Millennium Marketing


Incredibly Stimulating . . . Gave Me Contacts And Ideas To Enhance My Efforts
“The world of high speed broadband has opened a whole new door for libraries to serve their communities. Having the opportunity to listen to speakers and network with service providers, project managers, government officials, and the like at the Summit was incredibly stimulating and gave me contacts and ideas that will greatly enhance my efforts to help libraries make progress in deploying advanced telecommunications services. This librarian felt right at home among the techies! I commend Summit staff for making success look so easy!”
Peggy D. Rudd, Director and Librarian
Texas State Library and Archives Commission


Summit Was Excellent . . . Conference And Magazine Get Better All The Time
“I'm not sure that I'm quite typical of most of the Summit attendees, in that as a consult who is involved in the FTTH, MDU, local government and the stimulus, nearly all of the presentations are germane. I thought the conference was excellent and appreciated the opportunity to be there. The conference and the BBP magazine continue to get better all the time and that is saying something in this day and age. Reading the BBP magazine cover to cover is S.O.P., standard operating procedure!”
Terry Johnson, President
Utility Communications Network


Most Helpful . . . Very Informative . . . Good Variety . . . Will Be Back In 2011
“As a representative from a smaller IOC, I found the information that was presented at the event to be most helpful. A couple of the programs really stood out in my mind as very educational and something that I could take back with me, make some adjustments to fit my needs and apply them in our market. Several sessions were right on queue and anyone in the smaller market would have benefited from these presentations. The IOC’s are beginning to deal with marketing agreements and larger builders (apartment, large developments etc.) that are finding themselves in some of our markets today. The larger apartment builders and municipalities at the 2010 summit presented information that we at the IOC’s may not have been real familiar with. Overall the show was very informative, had a good variety of speakers and topics and I look to be back next year.”
Frankie Denmark, Developer Relations
Hargray Communications


A Can’t Miss Event For The Fiber Community
“Broadband Properties Magazine’s annual summit has become a can’t-miss event for the fiber community. It’s packed with good speakers, good information, and good opportunities for networking.”
Jim Baller, President
Baller Herbst Law Group


Really Enjoyed It . . . Great For New Technology And Networking
“I really enjoyed the 2010 Summit. I found the Exhibit Hall to be a great place to get up to speed on new technology and network with many other fiber professionals. Overall the Summit was very well done. Count me and my team in again next year!”
William Shreffler, President and CEO
Pulse Broadband LLC


Lots Of Energy . . . Excellent Sessions . . . An Industry Staple
“The 2010 BBP Summit was a great event. Lots of energy supported by quality speakers, excellent session topics and good networking opportunities. The BBP Summit has become a staple industry event to attend.”
Max Kipfer, EVP Client Relations
Connexion Technologies


Great Planning And Executing . . . A Comprehensive Overview
“BBP has done a great job planning and executing so many different speakers and topics with the flow of a much larger conference. The speakers gave a very comprehensive overview of what technology is capable of delivering and how it can be molded to work in communities. I would recommend the Summit because it’s a great opportunity to hear how the providers have advanced and how we, as consumers, can benefit.”
Laura Sheldon, Administrative Project Assistant
RealPage, Inc.


Interesting Rural/Urban Mix . . . I Learned Much . . . Brought Home Good Info
“The group was interesting because of the rural/urban mix. There was a dichotomy of audience but that’s a good thing. Rural and urban broadband deployments have similar core issues that only differ in how we approach end-user access. I know I learned much from the event and brought home good vendor information that we can access for our issues.”
Leon Conner, Executive Director
South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority (SGRITA)


Talented Speakers . . . Robust Content . . . Great Logistics . . . Excellent
“As a first timer, I was pleasantly surprised. The conference was comprehensive with very talented speakers and robust content. Also great logistics – the agenda/guide had excellent bios and was laid out great. The food was excellent and so was the attention to detail. An epitome of how an excellent conference should be done right.”
Joseph Cassis, Deputy Director
Iowa Communications Network (ICN)


A Way For The Industry To Push Innovation And Find Solutions
“The Summit was a rewarding experience for me and the UTOPIA team — to talk with others about what we’re doing, hear about industry trends, and to meet and engage with people from the whole spectrum of broadband supporters. The Summit was well organized, providing a great way for the industry — and networks like ours — to help each other push innovation forward and find solutions for the increasing demand for connectivity all around the country.”
Todd Marriott, Executive Director


A Good Experience . . . Strong Exhibit Hall With New And Existing Customers
“This was my first BBP conference and it was a very good experience. The exhibit hall activity was strong and provided a great opportunity to discuss our product line with new and existing customers from a wide range of market segments!”
Gordy Spray, Sales


Get Updated On Technology . . . Meet Industry Leaders
“I would recommend the Summit because it’s a good way to get updated on technology, market and legal trends. It was also a great chance for me to meet industry leaders.”
Robert Black, General Manager
Highlands Fiber Network


My Favorite Networking Conference . . .
“This is my favorite networking conference, and the presentations really help you to understand competitive solutions.”
Lisa Cortes, VP of Sales and Marketing
Korcett Holdings Inc.


First-Rate Speakers And Topics . . . Networking For Vendors And Clients
“Just when you think they could not get any better, the Broadband Properties 2010 Summit surprised us again. The caliber of speakers in combination with the topics was first rate. In talking with other attendees, they expressed great satisfaction with the presentations and the round table discussions. The vendors in attendance found this to be a great networking venue and opportunity to engage with potential clients. Personally, I found this year’s Summit to be one of the most informative. Thanks BBP.”
Patrick Sims, Principal Engineer
ADC Telecommunications


A Convergence Of Owners, Providers, Vendors
“The conference is a great convergence of property owners, service providers and other key vendors.”
Matt Springer, EVP – Corporate Development
Connexion Technologies


Had A Deep Impact On My Understanding Of Broadband
“The conference had a deep impact on my understanding of the broadband steps and initiatives in the U.S. Perfect information source on broadband policies and plans.”
Peter Juhasz, Business Development Manager
Sunflower Broadband


You Got The Total Package — Technology Plus Business
“There was a great deal of market information. The event covered the total package – the technology and the business.”
Frank Lockwood, VP Sales
RST Communications


Lots Of Information From A Variety Of Sources
“I would recommend the Summit because it gave a lot of useful information from a variety of sources in a limited time.”
Steve Belter, President
Indiana Datapipe, LLC


A Nice Mix . . .
“The Summit was a nice mix of vendors, integrators and end users.”
Joe Van Allen, Technical Service


Useful . . .
“The event was very useful. It was great to see how technology is changing.”
Mike Smith, Project Manager
Forest City Residential Management


Powerful Keynotes . . .
“The keynotes were powerful, timely and informative.”
Jon Onley, Community Network Manager
Pend Oreille PUD


A Good Review Of Housing Trends
“Very good review of where MDU housing and amenities are going/trending.”
Richard Tatem, Sr. Director, MDU Prod. Dev.


Come See How Property Owners Are Leveraging Amenities To Attract Residents
“Verizon, deploying an all-fiber-optic network in areas across the country, has been a long-standing supporter of the Broadband Properties Summit, which provides educational, informative and relevant content on FTTP technology development and innovations. It’s a venue to exchange ideas, network and gather insights on the benefits of FTTP and how some property owners are leveraging such amenities to attract residents to their communities.”
Eric Cevis, Vice President
Verizon Enhanced Communities


A Place To Connect With Government Leaders
“The Summit was very connected with the states and the government.”
Marco Barfield


Good Info For Trying Times
“The keynotes bring the benefit of hopefulness and encouragement in a difficult economy. The messages recognize financial issues with solutions.”
Mark Tichenor, VP of Operations
On Trac, Inc.


Come Learn About Multi-Housing
“A great place for MDU information.”
Brian Heger, Communications Consultant
702 Communications


Get Insightful Info On Positioning Properties
“Very insightful information on how to position properties into signing MA’s.”
Jason Jantz, MDU Supervisor
Sunflower Broadband


Learn From Important Government Officials And Employees
“The Summit was a great place to hear from key people in the government.”
Sam Coleman, Senior Data Engineer
Vermont Telephone Company


Info You Can Apply
“The keynote presentations were very informative with useful information that can be applied.”
Mark Landry


Great Discussions With Property Owners
“The owner discussions were great and the U-verse discussions were helpful.”
Kathleen Austin, Asst. VP - Revenue Strategy
Equity Residentia


A Place To Learn About Contracts And Amenities
“There were lots of good content on contracts and amenity technology.”
Aaron Moeller, Telco Development Analyst

"As I have reflected on the Broadband Communities event in Dallas April 16 -18, I must say I am still overwhelmed. The quality of content from every panel over the 3 days was superb. The speakers were truly expert and motivating, and the technologists and corporate representatives, especially those provisioning fiber, and gigabit solutions, were world class. For Rural Telecom Congress (RTC) and its members, the creation of new relationships and associations, and the visioning of future policy trends and opportunities at community, state and federal levels, will have long lasting nationwide impacts. Thank you Broadband Communities Magazine for a best ever program."

Galen M. Updike
Broadband Planning Manager
ADOA - Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) Office | State of Arizona

"This was my first Broadband Communities Summit and I am so happy that I attended. The summit program was full of interesting, relevant content and allowed for great networking with others. It was fantastic timing with Google Fiber coming to Austin."

Rondella Hawkins
Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs
City of Austin

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