2018 Broadband Communities Summit

2018 Free Workshops
Monday April 30

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Workshop #1
Hands-On Financial Modeling
Our popular staff explanation of the latest versions of Broadband Communities' financial models – the world's most widely used. Get them all – with detailed documentation – on a FREE thumb drive and test-drive them on your laptop. We'll concentrate on MDU business cases, key leverage points and business strategies, especially for owners and managers of multiple MDU properties.

Steve Ross
- Editor at Large, Broadband Communities

Workshop #2
Best Broadband Infrastructure for Each Building Type
A 2-hour special pre-conference workshop that will explore all standard designs for broadband networking in MDUs – highrise, midrise and cottage layouts – including security.

Richard Holtz
- CEO, Infinisys 
Tom Stender - Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, InfiniSys

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Workshop #3
IoT: Case Study - Breakdown of What Is The Internet of Things
A deep-dive cost analysis on that Internet of Things buzz from both the building management and provider sides. Just what you need to negotiate in this brave new world – because the buzz has become business case.

Henry Pye
- Vice President, Residential Technology Services, RealPage, Inc.

Workshop #4
Monetize Your Network!
You have worked hard, spent untold hours planning, and constructing your FTTX network, now the fun begins. A critical part of supporting the business plan and financial model is execution of the marketing and sales plan. This fast paced, interactive and fun workshop will explore market demand, market supply, how survey and market study results drive marketing decisions, what part does branding, advertising and community engage play in a successful market launch? Go Big or Go Home? What makes for a great brand? How does interaction with installation, customer service and support affect market outcomes? How many people should be in the marketing and sales department? How to build a master schedule. Presales, what to do and not do. Business customers, how do they differ from residential customers? These and many other topics will be explored and examined all we need now is YOU!

Kyle Hollifield
- Sr. VP of Marketing and Business Development, Magellan Advisors

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Workshop #5
Driving Value in Multifamily Communities With High Quality Fiber Deployment
It all starts with broadband. A case study on things to consider when you face modernizing or even rewiring the building. There's first cost, tenant desires, who monitors and reacts to the "things" connected to your building, and of course, who pays – cellular and landline carriers, building owners, content providers or all of them?

Barry Walton
- Telecom Solution Architect, Optical Commercial Operations, Corning 
Michael Weston - Senior Leader, Verizon Enhanced Communities

Workshop #6
Greenlight Projects: How to Find Funding & Generate Political Will

Michael Curri
- Founder and President, Strategic Networks Group, Inc. 
Isak Finér - Chief Marketing Officer, COS Systems 
Bob Knight - EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Harrison Edwards, Inc. 
















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