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WiFi CALLING IS HERE. The most cost effective in-building voice coverage available today.
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When It Comes To Coverage And Capacity, There Is No Such Thing As ‘Plug And Play’ – You Need Managed WiFi… Especially For WiFi Calling
Using a typical router or unmanaged WiFi for WiFi Calling simply will not work the way it needs to. It is necessary to have managed WiFi with Quality of Service (QOS) and Voice packet prioritization to ensure that voice calls take priority over data calls and the resident experience is as seamless as cellular.
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UserSafe® Technology and the In’s and Out’s of WiFi Safety & Security
UserSafe® technology isolates every user on the Spot On network, guarding them from hacking and identity theft. Hacking and identity theft can occur on networks where user devices can “see” each other, regardless of if the network is encrypted or has password protection. With UserSafe® technology, devices cannot “see” each other.
: Check out this infographic to learn more about UserSafe® technology.

Experiment Shows Just How Unsafe® WiFi “hotspots” Can Be
Within only a half hour 250 devices had connected to this rogue hotspot. Many of the connections were automatic without the owner of the devices even knowing it! 32 MB of personal data was collected during the experiment. The problem with connecting to “hotspots”, even if they have a splash page, password protection or encryption, is that the users device is visible to other devices on the network. If a device is visible – it is hackable.
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WiFi Calling In The News

WiFi Calling About To Turn Carrier Business Model On It’s Head With Help From Google and Cablevision

For the multifamily and assisted living industries, primarily, WiFi calling will have a major impact on the services expected by residents and tenants. While both industries have been burdened by indoor cellular coverage issues that have up until now required expensive in-building cellular solutions, WiFi calling will allow building owners to provide residents and tenants with property-wide coverage for a price significantly less than DAS or CellBoost®.
: http://www.spotonnetworks.com/wifi-calling-about-to-turn-carrier-business-model-on-its-head-with-help-from-google-and-cablevision/

Wireless Operators See WiFi Calling As “The Next Big Frontier”
A recent article addressed what wireless operators are calling: “The Next Big Frontier”: WiFi Calling. Ruckus Wireless CEO Selina Lo was asked to comment on the industry excitement surrounding WiFi calling and expressed her belief that WiFi Calling is here to stay….
: http://www.spotonnetworks.com/wireless-operators-see-wifi-calling-as-the-next-big-frontier/

As Amenity, WiFi takes 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place!
We all know WiFi is the most requested amenity, but all those other great amenity areas that your property offers, they are becoming WiFi dependent as well! Wireless fitness equipment, WiFi controlled A/V equipment, WiFi access in your hangout areas, wireless laundry rooms… your residents want everything WiFi!
: http://www.spotonnetworks.com/as-amenity-wifi-takes-1st-2nd-and-3rd-place-as-most-important/


Webinar: Future of In-Building Voice

The Future of In-Building Voice   The summer of 2014 changed the cellular industry as we know it. By mid-2015 all four major carriers will support seamless WiFi calling on their networks. What does this mean for the MDU/ MTU industry? Finally building owners can control their own destiny and the frequencies in their buildings. Watch this webinar to learn about what in-building voice solutions are available now, what will be available in 2015 and what it will cost for the building owner.


Webinar: WiFi Calling is Here — Impact on MDUS/MTUS

The Future of In-Building Voice   This webinar addressed WiFi calling topics including: carrier and operating system support, seamless WiFi calling vs. OTT applications, WiFi calling’s impact on the MDUs and how to prepare your property for WiFi calling. The webinar also touched on major industry announcements that have occurred over the summer including: Apple iOS 8 WiFi calling support, T-Mobile WiFi calling support for iPhone and the Smith Micro/ Verizon deal.


WiFi Calling — What is It???

The Future of In-Building Voice   WiFi calling allows for voice calls to be made over WiFi. WiFi Calling does not require an external application like Skype to make a phone call and uses your existing phone number. WiFi Calling is seamless with the firmware of your device – you make and receive calls on your smartphone the same way you use it over the cellular network. WiFi calling uses the same network as your property-wide WiFi network, however it is important that your WiFi network be managed and monitored to ensure quality of services and prioritization of voice traffic.



WiFi Calling VIDEOS

WiFi Calling Is Here: The Impact on MDU/ MTUs

The Future of In-Building Voice

Making a call over WiFi – Seamless to your device


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