Mission Statement:
Economic Development: The Critical Driver and Beneficiary of Advanced Communications Networks
By Economic Development Chairman Jim Baller

Broadband Communities is committed to helping all communities understand what they can do to maximize the potential economic benefits of advanced broadband networks, as rapidly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we will host our sixth annual regional conference on broadband and economic development on November 7-9, 2017, in Atlanta.

As our first five conferences have confirmed, communities seeking to build or partner for an advanced communications network almost always identify economic development as their main reason for doing so. We have also seen that there is at least a strong association between broadband and economic development, and probably a causal connection in some circumstances.

We will address the latest “hot” topics, including the major changes to the communications landscape that the current Federal Communications Commission is making; the administration’s infrastructure investment plan; new developments in public-private partnerships; the emerging role of cooperatives; what next-generation wireless networks mean for fiber networks; key legal and regulatory issues; federal, state and other funding sources; “Smart Cities” initiatives and much more.

Building on what we learned at the recent Broadband Communities Summit in Dallas, we will also continue our examination of the future of work. With artificial intelligence, robotics, globalization and other forces threatening traditional jobs at an ever-accelerating pace, we will examine what adaptive communities can do now to ensure that they will survive and thrive in the years ahead.

We are assembling an outstanding multi-disciplinary roster of national, regional and local experts, practitioners and community leaders who have highly relevant, first-hand experience. Emphasizing, but not limiting themselves to the Southeast Region, our speakers will provide a wealth of economic research; case histories highlighting what is working well and what is not; and how-to materials and other practical information that attendees can take home and put to immediate use in their communities.

Finally, we will also provide ample time for networking and learning about relevant cutting-edge products and services.

Please join us in Atlanta from November 7-9. If you’d like to participate in the program, please contact Masha Zager (masha@broadbandproperties.com).







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