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Top 7 Reasons To Attend the Broadband Communities
Economic Development Conference


7) Your community wasn’t selected for Google Fiber.
Find out about other options for getting a gigabit network. Discover how communities throughout the Midwest and from around the country have taken control of their broadband futures through innovative public-private partnerships that drive economic development. Learn how Gigabit Squared is replicating the “Google model” to deploy gigabit fiber networks in Chicago and elsewhere.


6) Small and medium businesses have a tough time competing in your community.
Learn what small businesses – from farms to tech startups – need to survive and thrive in a global economy. Find out how to provide them with access to reliable broadband services and tech-savvy workforces and how to help them leverage those resources.


5) You want to build personal and business relationships.
Expansive networking opportunities will be available for those seeking an introduction to community fiber networks, exploring new options for providing enhanced broadband, or looking to increase their expertise.


4) You don’t believe anyone will ever have a use for a gig.
Experience the gigabit applications that are already being used and see what innovations lie ahead. You’ll see why gigabit connectivity will be a must-have for any community, city, and region to stay relevant.

“To complete the transition to the digital age, abandon yesterday’s logic.”
 - Blair Levin, Executive Director, Gig.U (Featured Conference speaker)


3) Your community needs smart-grid, telemedicine and distance-learning services.
Hear from peers and industry experts about their successes in providing fiber based broadband services that benefit communities – and gain valuable insights into the lessons they’ve learned.


2) Network technology is so confusing.
Leading providers will simplify the complexities for you in an environment designed for information exchange and discovery. Get the scoop on the ways community fiber networks are supporting and delivering sustainable economic growth today.


1) Experience the Chicago-Southland Fiber Network (CSFN)!
Find out what our host community, Tinley Park (just south of Chicago), and neighboring communities are doing to drive economic recovery and growth through broadband. We will provide valuable lessons and contacts for similarly situated communities and regions across America. Join us November 5-7, 2013

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