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The Midwest is a leading hub for private and public network builders.

It's ideal for demonstrating the links between big data, municipal data, energy efficiency, economic development and the ROI of community fiber networks.

Cities Are Finding Strategies That Work For Them

Your city can plan for, monetize, and manage a fiber-based broadband investment.

Innovative and creative public-private partnerships centered around economic vitality are sparking interest nationwide.

Come to Chicago and find the strategies that can work in your community.

Broadband Creates Jobs and Attracts Industry

Cities are using broadband networks to deliver cost effective, compelling, and valued services that promote local commerce, create jobs and attract new industry.

Gigabit Cities - Generating Excitement Nationwide

Entrepreneurs are choosing Gigabit Cities to launch business ventures.

Boomers and GenYers are moving to locales with advanced fiber networks.

Capture the advantages these networks can bring to your community.

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