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FTTH Council's Conference Mission Statement:
Getting Ready for Better Broadband with the FTTH Council’s Toolkit
By Joanne Hovis Chair, Community Toolkit Committee

To complement the economic development program, which focuses on the “whys” of all-fiber deployment, the FTTH Council Americas offers a parallel track focusing on its Community Toolkit – a compendium of the “hows” of all-fiber deployment.

Communities around the country are getting ready for better broadband, and we’ve got some experience to share in Minneapolis. During the conference, the FTTH Council Americas will offer numerous sessions focused on its Community Toolkit – a “how to” guide for communities, providers and individuals who want to deploy all-fiber networks.

Broadband Communities’ economic development conferences show the “why” ultra-high speed broadband is table stakes for communities in the global economy. But where do you find the “how”?

Information to achieve that goal is hard to find and often overwhelmingly technical. Building upon the experiences of our members and partners, the FTTH Council Americas has successfully developed and continually updated a program to give communities the tools they need to upgrade to all-fiber networks.

In the Community Toolkit sessions, you will hear from the public- and private-sector leaders who have brought future-proof networks to their communities. You’ll also hear from those actively working on it.

General sessions and workshops will provide communities with the tools they need to get fiber deployed, will underscore the value proposition of advanced broadband networks and will demonstrate how to create an asset inventory, aggregate demand, issue an RFP and manage implementation.

If your community is ready for better broadband, we urge you to join us from October 18-20, 2016, in Minneapolis, MN.


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