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Fiber for the New Economy – Ontario, CA October 23-25, 2018
Focus: Legal
Our pages have long been home to the best legal advice in the business, guiding property owners, managers, and their network providers. From the FCC sheetrock rule to the vague definitions of network neutrality, BBP offers clarity, accuracy, and even detailed legal footnotes when necessary.

FCC Launches Healthcare Connect Fund
By W. James Mac Naughton, Esq.
New funding is available for broadband networks that can transform rural health care. Will the program help get telemedicine stakeholders on the same page?

Valuing Network Neutrality
By Mark Gaynor, Boston University, and Scott Bradner, Harvard University
A new perspective on net neutrality: Network Operators may benefit by encouraging competing services on their networks. The rest of the economy benefits, too.

Supreme Court Takes on Broadband Regulations: Part 1
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
Your future hands in the balance. In FCC v. Brand X Internet Services, the United States Supreme Court agreed in December to consider whether cable companies must open their high-speed lines to rival Internet providers. This year should see a decision, and modification of the 1996 Telecommunications Act to affirm or overturn what the justices decide.

Supreme Court Takes on Broadband Regulation: Part 2
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
In FCC vs. Brand X Internet Services, the United States Supreme Court stands ready to change the way broadband is regulated, no matter how it rules. In Part 2 of this two-part series, former FCC attorney Kandutsch details the legal issues. Last month, he looked at the circumstances leading up to the case.

The Regulatory Environment for Broadband Properties
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
Limiting municipal broadband restricts competition. But it also hurts incumbent carriers as well. Here's why.

A Legal Perspective on FCC Boosting Broadband
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
Former FCC attorney Kandutsch looks (in a way that non-lawyers can understand) at the legal issues that tie together three big FCC broadband decisions. Each seem quite logical but the combination is not, setting the stage for next year's Supreme Court decision on cable bundling and an attempt in Congress to amend the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

FTTH in Multi-Tenant Environments
By Carl E. Kandutsch, Ph.D., J.D.
Former FCC attorney Kandutsch answers some key regulatory and competitive questions raised by telcos' push into video delivery: Do the FCC’s "inside wiring" rules apply to telcos delivering triple play over fiber?

Texas Video Franchise Law Accelerated FTTH Deployment
A BBP Staff Report
Texas streamlined video franchising in September 2005. Since then, fiber-to-the-home video service expanded six times as fast in Texas as in the rest of the country. A new study from RVA Render & Associates gives details.

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