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2019 Broadband Communities Summit
Focus: Independent Telcos – ILECs and CLECs

There are more than 3,000 Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in the United States and even before the stimulus package, 20 percent were planning, operating or building fiber networks. Use our database of those with fiber-to-the-home networks, and read some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

Smaller Telcos Still Committed to Fiber to the Home
By Masha Zager, Broadband Properties
You don’t have to be Verizon to love fiber. The latest iteration of our telco FTTH list shows close to 400 deployers and many more upgrades to GPON and active Ethernet.

Building a Fiber Network in a Rural Community
By Ashley Phillips - EATEL
Advice on technology, marketing and overall business strategy from one who's done it. Ten years ago, Ascension Parish in southern Louisiana began to change. What was once a predominantly farming area developed into an attractive bedroom community for Baton Rouge, Louisiana's state capital.

Michigan’s Allband Communications Cooperative: Fiber to All the Homes
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
This rural ILEC leveraged an RUS loan and state aid to serve 177 square miles.

Small Telco, Big Plans
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
CTC went fiber with only about 1000 customers; jobs followed.

The Cooperative’s Promise - Delivered Right on the Nose
By Steven S. Ross - Broadband Properties
BEK Communications Cooperative responded to cable competition by adding fiber to the home. It smoothed the way with a flexible approach, a far-sighted building plan, and Calix technology.

It’s a Matter of Connecting the Dots Effectively
By Gary Evans - Hiawatha Broadband Communications
HBC was conceived before the Web; it added FTTH this year.

The Super-Fast Bandon GPON Project
By Scott T. Wilkinson - Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc. and John Stadter - ComSpan USA
ComSpanUSA and Ledcor Technical Services are rolling out fiber to the premises in a small coastal city in Oregon. Pre-selling the services helped ensure a successful outcome.

Q&A with Phillip Clark, PAXIO
By Broadband Properties and Phillip Clark - PAXIO
PAXIO, which provides the fastest broadband in the US - some of its customers have gigabit access - has decided to pursue an open-access model for its fiber-to-the-home networks.

Race to Bring Fiber to the Premises
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
Fiber, delivering broadband over long distances, is the technology choice in rural areas.

Mid-Size Telco Invests in the Future
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
Midsize telco headquartered in Edinburg, Virginia; the management believes its size is the company’s greatest advantage - in fact, "Our Size Is Our Strength" is the company motto.

Smart City Launches an IPTV Video Offering
By Rick Sailor - Amino Technologies
Florida telco Smart City saw an opportunity to compete in the video arena and launched service into select master-planned communities using IPTV technology.

SureWest Communications Launches HD-IPTV Service
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
This pioneer in IPTV launched high-definition service in January; here’s how, and why.

At ATMC, Marketing and Handholding Smooth the Path to Fiber
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
A North Carolina telephone cooperative, ATMC, has become one of the fastest-growing fiber-to-the-home providers in the country, as its service area changes from a sleepy seaside county to a popular vacation-home destination.

Planters Telephone Deploys Home-Run Rural Fiber
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
Savannah’s economic growth presents an opportunity for the local telephone cooperative to build a next-generation network. One twist: Home-run fiber in rural areas.

Gorham Telephone Brings IPTV Services to Kansas
By Masha Zager - Broadband Properties
To IPTV or not to IPTV? Working with an integrator can reduce the headache - and expense - of delivering cutting-edge services to your customers.

HTC’s Fiber Optic Infrastructure Powers the Presidential Primary Debates
By Nicole Hyman - HTC
Mount Rushmore-style sand sculptures of the candidates drew attention at last January’s debates in Myrtle Beach, but the true sculptors were HTC employees working behind the scenes to shape communications infrastructure.

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