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Agenda for CLIC Day
Tuesday, October 23, 2018, from 1:00-5:15 p.m.

Preparing For 2019 - A Critical Year For Local Internet Choice

Great nations are built on great cities and towns. Over the last few years, local communities across America have come to realize that their ability to achieve greatness, or even success, in the years ahead will increasingly depend on their ability to acquire affordable access to fiber-rich communications networks. That is so because fiber networks, like electric power systems a century ago, are platforms and drivers of simultaneous progress in just about everything that is important to communities, including economic development, education, public safety, health care, transportation, environmental protection, energy, government services, democratic discourse, entertainment and much more.

Today, a large and rapidly growing number of communities are aggressively seeking access to advanced communications capabilities by working with willing incumbent carriers, entering into public-private partnerships with new entrants, building their own networks or developing other creative approaches. In these endeavors, the key to successful outcomes is the ability to choose among the options that work best for the community.

Unfortunately, in some 20 states, local internet choice is constrained by legal or other barriers.  Moreover, the “model state codes” developed by the Federal Communications Commission’s industry-dominated Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee may result in new barriers being proposed in many other states in 2019.

The coming year will be critical for local internet choice. CLIC and its allies must redouble efforts to make local internet choice a national priority at all levels of government, to oppose new state barriers and to roll back as many of the existing barriers as possible.

Join us in Ontario, CA, on October 23 for our next half-day CLIC program, where we will bring together some of the key thought leaders in our field, review what we’ve learned in 2017-18 and develop a game plan for all of us in the CLIC community — government officials, private sector leaders, community advocates and many others — to be as effective as possible in 2019.


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