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Mission Statement:
Helping Communities Take Control Of Their Broadband Futures

By Conference Chairman Jim Baller

During the last fifteen years, thousands of communities across the United States have sought to attract or develop advanced communications networks, recognizing that such networks can provide them and the nation multiple strategic advantages in the increasingly competitive global economy. In virtually every case, fostering robust economic development has ranked at or near the top of the list of considerations motivating these communities.

Our regional conferences are in response to strong and widespread interest
Responding to the strong and widespread interest in the relationship between advanced communications networks, economic development, and job creation, Broadband Communities has hosted a series of regional conferences that examine these matters from all angles, drawing on the insights of experts across multiple disciplines and on the first-hand experiences of the communities within the region in question.

The Springfield event encompasses the 12-state Northeast Region
Following up on our highly successful conferences in Danville, Virginia, and Chicago, Illinois, we will hold our next conference in Springfield, Massachusetts, from September 15-18, 2014. The conference will focus on the 12-state Northeast Region, including Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. This region is extraordinarily rich in experience, talent, and representative projects.

You’ll get useful info and insights you can put to use at once
Our entire program – every session, every speaker – will concentrate on economic development. We will provide you useful, practical information – including economic research, case histories, how-to materials, examples of what’s working and what’s not, lessons-learned, and invaluable insights – that you can take home and put to use at once.

From Google Fiber to public-private partnerships, we’ll address the timeliest and most important topics
Our workshops and sessions will address the latest, hottest topics – including Google Fiber and other public and private fiber deployments, telemedicine, distance learning, getting seniors online, and much more. You’ll learn about many of the state, regional, and local projects in the region. You’ll also hear about ways that communities are improving their chances of getting a gigabit network, including working with private-sector network providers, entering into public-private partnerships, and collaborating with vendors.

You’ll also hear about a variety of successful efforts to fund broadband – including investments in education, healthcare institutions and community anchors in underserved areas.

Please plan to join us in Springfield, and if you have suggestions for strengthening our program, please let us know as soon as possible.

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