5G Technology: Smart Decisions for Smart Cities

5G wireless technology promises many benefits for cities and their residents, but cities need clear, well-thought-out policies for deploying the new infrastructure.

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Local Governments Are Not Barriers To 5G Deployment

In March, 36 local elected officials from Next Century Cities member communities sent the following letter to the FCC in defense of local decision-making for 5G investments, small-cell deployment and the use of public rights-of-way.

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Will Cable Companies Become Fiber Companies?

The evolution of technology is enabling cable companies to transition gradually to all-fiber networks.

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Rural Utilities Service Sees 12-Fold Increase In Broadband Funds

Springtime was especially good to rural broadband hopefuls, with new money and potentially more flexible ways of disbursement.

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Editor's Note: The Bandwidth Problem

What will it take to solve the problem?

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Bandwidth Hawk: Playing by New Rules: A Very Special Summit

Technology, economics and political change are driving a very special Broadband Communities Summit this year.

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Fiber Is on the Rise, Reports Fiber Broadband Association

Deployments of fiber to the home in North America reached record levels in 2017, and according to all indications, they will continue to increase in 2018.

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Bandwidth Hawk: Broadband Have-Nots Beware

The FCC stacks the deck against broadband in rural and poor urban districts.

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A View From the Summit

At the 2017 Broadband Communities Summit, held in Dallas in May, fiber deployers shared their experiences and vendors displayed their new technology.

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The FCC Looks At Multifamily Housing

Bulk billing is in the crosshairs of the FCC’s most recent broadband notice of inquiry.

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State Legislators And the Gigabit Desert

How can state legislators help spread the gigabit wealth to more constituents? That’s not a rhetorical question – this legislator is looking for new ideas.

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Georgia Tackles the Digital Divide

Rural Georgians were falling ever further behind their metropolitan neighbors in terms of broadband access. Now the state legislature is preparing a comprehensive initiative to address the problem.

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Bandwidth Hawk: Driving The Digital Highway

The United States needs two regulatory roads – one for urban areas and one for rural.


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Broadband Forecasts for 2017

What’s ahead for the broadband industry in 2017? Growth – and preparation for more growth.


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