Managed Wi-Fi as an Amenity Enclave on Golden Triangle, Fort Worth, Texas

Real estate investment company Cottonwood Residential is standardizing on bulk services as a technology amenity – and, in the Charter Communications service area, on Charter’s Community Managed Wi-Fi service in particular. One of its first deployments, which helped prove the success of this strategy, was at Enclave on Golden Triangle. Thanks to Chris Spadone of Charter’s Spectrum Community Solutions and Scott Russell of Cottonwood Residential for gathering the information for this profile.


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Marketing to Millenials

The “me” generation isn’t anything like earlier generations – and why don’t millennials watch sports on TV, anyway?

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One Fiber, Two Providers: Givens Gerber Park, Asheville, North Carolina

This month, Broadband Communities showcases Givens Gerber Park, an affordable senior housing community whose residents can choose between two broadband services delivered over the same fiber infrastructure. Thanks to Ricky Foor of Givens Communities and Alan Bertsch of Qypsys for gathering the information for this profile.

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A Technicianless Service Call

Some aspects of customer service just can’t be automated.

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Broadband Forecasts for 2017

What’s ahead for the broadband industry in 2017? Growth – and preparation for more growth.


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