Broadband Communities’ New Interactive FTTH Tool


Is fiber to the home economically feasible for your proposed network build or expansion? Before you hire a consultant, test your ideas free! Broadband Communities has a new interactive tool, free for downloading. The spreadsheet allows you to try various scenarios over time spans as long as four years, both for construction and operating costs and for possible revenues. The tool is particularly sensitive to choices you might be able to make in logistics and construction pace, taking into account today's high cost of capital for network projects. And it enumerates today's expanded choices and opportunities for revenue -- items like smart grid, work-at-home enhancements, VPNs and more -- all outside the "triple play" of voice, linear video and data. We're introducing the tool with this interactive webinar explaining how to use it. We'll then post the tool itself with the webinar playback and a detailed slide show to guide you, step-by-step. 
And watch for more tools (and webinars) over the coming weeks -- one that delves more deeply into rural builds, and one specifically for MDU opportunities. 
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