Thomas J. Asp

Thomas J. Asp, BSEE, MBA

Principal Analyst & Engineer
CTC Technology & Energy

Mr. Asp specializes in evaluating connectivity (voice, video, and data) options and recommending effective solutions for clients throughout the United States. He holds more than 25 years of experience as an engineer and analyst in communications and public power systems. His experience includes electric and telecommunication system design, network feasibility, evaluation of the financial impact of projects on operations, and provision of expert testimony.

Mr. Asp is recognized as an expert in evaluating and offering recommendations regarding municipal broadband communications systems. He has been actively involved with telecommunication market research and feasibility analysis for over a decade, both with CTC and previously as a partner at the public accounting firm of Virchow Krause (Baker Tilley). Mr. Asp also has significant experience in the communications industry working in the areas of cellular, cable TV, broadband, and mobile radio. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) experience includes consulting, product management, business development, and client relations.

In the areas of Distribution Automation (DA), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), mobile radio, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Mr. Asp has assisted municipal utilities and public power cooperatives with extensive evaluative and design services. Specifically, he has prepared evaluations and submitted recommendations on AMI alternatives and benefits. He has assessed existing and evolving technologies and services to support AMI and DA for electric utilities and has developed and directed demonstration plans to test technologies to support distribution automation — including providing recommendations for establishing vendor alliances, performing research and designs networks to combine multi-utility communications, and outlining, evaluating, and recommending communication requirements and options for electric utility DA, SCADA, mobile radio, and AMI.

As a Vice President for an AMI vendor, Mr. Asp was in charge of customer relations, which included resolution of conflicts with vendor partners and customers. In addition Mr. Asp directed efforts to expand AMI value through key partnerships and interfaces.

Broadband Networks (Wired and Wireless)
Mr. Asp is regarded as one of the premier analysts in the United States regarding municipal planning and deployment of broadband systems to meet economic development, digital inclusion, and other needs. He has assisted numerous local governments, municipal utilities, and municipal consortia to evaluate their communities’ communications needs and determine the financial parameters and business case for meeting those needs.

In this area, Mr. Asp’s experience includes preparing connectivity feasibility studies for municipal networks, including economic analysis, market assessment, technology review, vendor analysis, and business plan development. He has assisted numerous communities with evaluating the feasibility of advanced connectivity services alternatives including provider partnerships and city-owned networks. He has reviewed options under cable franchise agreement for municipal purchase and operation. Mr. Asp has reviewed offerings and operations of incumbent telecommunications providers and assisted in negotiations with incumbent telecommunications providers to enhance availability of existing services and to encourage new and innovative offerings.

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