Paul Belk

President and Chief Executive Officer

Paul Belk is the President and CEO of NGN, a fiber optic network pning over 1,600 miles throughout western North Carolina and northeast Georgia. Specializing in the “Utility Broadband” sector, Paul has worked as telecom advisory to investor-held, member-owned, and public utilities such as Duke, Georgia Transmission Corporation, and numerous TVA distribution companies.

Paul is also the President of the Fiber Network Owner’s Alliance (FNA), a strategic alliance of 29 organizations with over 70,000 combined network miles focused on creating business and operational advantages for its members by aligning their fiber network resources.

Prior to NGN, Paul led the development of EPB Fiber Optics, the nation’s first “Gigabit to the home” and largest municipally owned fiber optic network in North America. He has led market deployments for Deltacom (now Earthlink) and was key to forming the first large scale fiber to the premise project in the U.S. (Dalton Utilities’ OptiLink).

Paul serves on the Board of the Technology Association of Georgia’s Infrastructure society, is board director and Treasurer for Georgia Communications Coop (GCC), and is the recipient of the 2014 Leadership Award from the ATP (the Association of Telecom Professionals). Paul is a graduate of the University of Georgia.


April 8-11, 2019

Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas

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