L.J. “Joey” Durel, Jr.

City –Parish President
Lafayette City

Joey Durel took office in January 2004 and is in his third and final term as Lafayette’s City-Parish President. Lafayette’s strong local economy, unique cultural heritage, and innovative technology have been frequently recognized nationwide under his leadership.

Durel’s influence has helped unite Lafayette as a hub for technology. He appointed the first-ever CIO for Lafayette Consolidated Government, and perhaps more importantly for Lafayette’s future, he was instrumental in spearheading the development of Lafayette’s Fiber to the Premise Initiative. In 2005, Lafayette voters approved the project by a 62% to 38% margin, allowing Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) to move forward in building a 100% fiber optic network that put Lafayette on the map as one of the only cities in the world with such a system. Today, Lafayette is a “Gigabit City” and is one of the few offering the fastest communication speeds available on the world’s leading technology.

Under Durel’s leadership, Lafayette is one of the most-connected cities in America. Because of this, he has been recognized several times for his technological leadership. He received the Fiber to the Home Council “President’s Award” in 2005, the American Public Power Association “Spence Vanderlinden Public Official Award” in early 2008, and was also named a 2008 NATOA “Community Broadband Hero of the Year Award” winner. He was also appointed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to the Technology Council of the Southern Growth Policies Board.

The deployment of Fiber throughout the city of Lafayette has helped to strengthen the Lafayette economy. In 2013, Lafayette was recognized as a “Leading Location” by Area Development magazine and was ranked first overall for economic and job growth across 380 MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Area).

Mr. Durel has a background as a small businessman. Before holding political office, he served as the Chairman of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of Leadership Lafayette and Leadership Louisiana. In 2010, he was named CEO of the Year by a local weekly newspaper for his leadership of Lafayette.

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