Ed Frazier

Board of Directors
Rural Media Group

Ed Frazier is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Rural Media Group. Prior to his role as Vice Chairman, Mr. Frazier was the CEO of Rural Media Group, where he guided the growth of the Networks’ distribution, accounting for over half of the company’s revenue.

Ed has been active in development of Integrated Media operations for over 25 years. His most recent activities include development of advanced video streaming technologies and Internet solutions. Mr. Frazier was instrumental in the development of Penny Entertainment, a web streaming company that has produced over 750 events for High Schools, Corporations and non-profit companies.

Frazier spent over 20 years in the development of regional national and global cable television networks. He co-founded Home Sports Entertainment, which grew into Liberty Sports, a holding company comprised of 27 operating divisions and generating revenues of 750 million annually. Ed is considered one of the founding fathers of the Regional sports television industry. His work in originating networks, implementing advanced technologies, and developing new program genre earned him numerous awards including an Emmy, Telly, awards and induction into the Broadband Hall of Fame. Frazier’s company pioneered the first satellite subscription sports network SSN, and one of the first global television distribution networks, reaching all of the major continents. His operations founded Prime Sports Network; a global sports operation distributing sports programs from around the world. The companies distributed Major League Baseball, NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, European and South American Futbol, Cricket, Tennis, and boxing. In addition to professional sports acquisitions, the companies secured, produced and distributed 119 collegiate programs. Included in his portfolio of programming are news, drama, and entertainment programs. He led the Merger with Fox Sports Net. The company started in 1984 with a desk and a telephone and sold for 1.2 billion in 1996.

Ed also served as the Chairman of the board of NTN communications, a publicly traded company, is on the board of Centerpost Holdings, a private equity firm and BizTalk Radionetworks LLC. that serves over 300 radio stations.

Mr. Frazier’s ventures include commercial real estate, Wireless communications, Social Television and syndicated television.

Frazier serves on the board of several non-profit organizations, including the NRB Television Network. Ed lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife Gloria. They have four grown children.

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