Kunal Hinduja

President and Chief Executive Officer

As one of the primary founders of ARQ, Kunal Hinduja serves as president and chief executive officer for the company. With more than a decade of experience in the radio frequency (RF) engineering industry, Kunal is a driving force behind ARQ’s commitment to cost effectively designing, deploying and managing technology-driven, high-value DAS and mobile wireless network solutions to a variety of customers. In his position, he is responsible for the sales and growth of all markets for ARQ.

In addition to being named one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” in Orange County, Calif., last year and one of the county’s “Best Places to Work,” ARQ has also been named one of the “MDU Top 100 Companies to Watch for 2015.”

ARQ first made a name for itself in 2010 when it completed the Staples Center project in downtown Los Angeles, outfitting the famous venue with a high-capacity DAS in time for the NBA All-Star Game. From there, the company has handled projects ranging from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Chicago’s skyscrapers to popular Las Vegas resorts and convention centers. ARQ’s products have also been indispensible for the most technology-focused corporate campuses of Silicon Valley, including the headquarters of Facebook, eBay and Yahoo!

Prior to founding ARQ in 2004, Kunal held various executive positions at national and international companies including his role as regional IT director at Williams Lea, an international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm. Leaving the stability of this corporate position, he launched Sun IT Services, an IT company serving businesses in Southern California. Due in large part to his vision and expertise, he quickly secured a contract with T-Mobile thus expanding Sun IT Services to support clients throughout the Western states and then nationwide. The company quickly evolved into what is today ARQ, a global leader in the industry.

His vast industry experience has earned him the trust and respect of colleagues and dignitaries alike as he recently was presented to the King of Jordan during his panel presentation at the ITC Conference in the Middle East.

April 8-11, 2019

Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas

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