Hilda Legg

State Director of Kentucky, Rural Development


Hilda Legg, an experienced professional with proven leadership skills and extensive knowledge of the challenges of rural broadband, was appointed by the Trump administration as state director for Kentucky in November 2017. Now serving under her fourth President, Hilda brings vast knowledge and a wide variety of skills from experience in public, non-profit and private industries.

Ms. Legg previously served a key role at USDA Rural Development during the George W. Bush administration as Administrator for Rural Utilities Service. At the national level, Ms. Legg managed a budget of $6 billion in loan and grant money, where she prioritized investing portfolio assets in rural areas across the country critically needing broadband and other utility services.

Prior to her appointment as state director, Ms. Legg ran a small business advocating for the need to bring broadband access to rural residents. Utilizing the knowledge gained over her career on the variety of complex methods available to fund and operate broadband across the country, Ms. Legg consulted leaders of rural communities and telecommunications providers across rural America on efficient and effective means to bring broadband to their constituents.

Ms. Legg’s leadership experience includes serving under President George H.W. Bush as the Alternate Federal Co-Chairman for the Appalachian Regional Commission. With the primary duty of representing and promoting economic policy, she assisted managing a budget of $190 million to create jobs in Appalachia, improve education, and build infrastructure to support the region of 21 million people.

At the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, Kentucky, Hilda served as the first Executive Director and CEO. The Center is considered a national model for rural economic development.

Under Ronald Reagan’s administration, Hilda worked at the U.S. Department of Education. Prior to that role, she was a teacher in Adair County schools. With a career based early in teaching, Hilda recognizes the critical role broadband plays in the future of education, which is one of the reasons she remains committed to bringing high-speed internet to all of Kentucky.

A native of Adair County, Kentucky, where she is co-owner of the family farm, she currently resides in central Kentucky with her husband Michael and 17-year-old son.

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