Gregg Logan

Gregg Logan

Senior Vice President
C Spire Fiber

After attending the University of Mississippi, Gregg began his career in telecommunications as a Central Office Equipment Installer. From there Gregg was a Central Office Technician at Franklin Telephone Company for the next eight years. While at Franklin, Gregg’s duties ranged from assisting in conversion to digital switching systems for all ten of Franklin’s exchanges as well as sister company Delta Telephone Company’s seven exchanges and completion of the first fiber optic interconnection to BellSouth from an independent telephone company in the state Gregg also helped sister company Cellular South turn up the first of its cellular systems along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 1990, Gregg was named Director of Technology for Telapex, Inc., the parent company of Cellular South, who is now doing business as C Spire Fiber. Gregg spent the next four years primarily focused on building out the rural cellular markets of C Spire Wireless. Eventually Gregg moved full time to C Spire Wireless and for the next five years served as Chief Technical Officer and Director of Technical Operations with responsibility for building and operating the cellular network of the company that has since grown into the largest privately held cellular company in North America. Gregg was then named Vice President and General Manager of Telepak Networks, Inc. In 2012, C Spire Fiber introduced business class dedicated Internet access and full-featured IP phone services in conjunction with C Spire Business Solutions. In 2013, he was named Senior Vice President for C Spire Fiber. Gregg is responsible for all day to day operations of C Spire Fiber. Under Gregg’s management, the C Spire Fiber team put into place a fiber network throughout Mississippi that reaches into four states. C Spire Fiber placed the first Fiber to the Home network in Mississippi and one of the first in the Southeast into service in 2006. The C Spire Fiber network now boasts more than 4,000 route miles of fiber. Gregg is leading the recently announced C Spire Fiber to the Home initiative that will bring Gigabit Internet speeds, as well as a full suite of IPTV and home phone service, to nine cities and towns throughout Mississippi.

April 8-11, 2019

Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas

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