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Thomas A. Reiman, founder and President of The Broadband Group (TBG), has been active in the field of telecommunications and land development since 1979. Through his combination of land entitlement, development, and telecom expertise, Mr. Reiman has led The Broadband Group in representing Cities and Municipalities in the U.S. and Australia through the creation and implementation of Technology Master Plans™. Mr. Reiman recently managed the drafting and submission of nearly $90 million in Broadband Stimulus applications, and has assisted in strategic broadband planning, supporting the creation and implementation of high-fiber broadband networks for the largest Master Planned Communities and municipalities throughout North America. Through these engagements, The Broadband Group has earned the respect and cooperation of Regional Bell Operating Companies, Cable TV Multiple System Operators, Internet Service Providers, Access Network Manufacturers, and other network partners.

Mr. Reiman’s experience includes ownership of TriTek Communications, a Cable Television Multiple System Operator. He subsequently served as a strategic planning network consultant to Southern Bell, reporting directly to EVP Richard K. Snelling, and Pacific Bell, reporting directly to Mike Bandler, the company’s Vice President of Engineering. He also represented Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in the Global Energy Information Services project with Microsoft. Mr. Reiman drafted the Technology Master Plan™ for the Wellington, New Zealand "Telecity" project, and led "First Cities," an Electronic Commerce Consortium for the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) in Austin, Texas.

In 2011, The Broadband Group, with its partner Pinpoint Communications, was awarded the contract to engineer, operate, and manage the implementation of the Nevada Broadband Telemedicine Initiative (NBTI). Funded under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), the $19.6 million grant will create a private, custom designed broadband network built specifically for the health care needs of the State. The Broadband Group was a shareholder of Nevada Broadband Networks, Inc., the operating entity of the NBTI and co-recipient of the Grant. Nevada Broadband Networks was successfully sold to Las Vegas based Switch Communications in February 2016.

Bachelor of Arts - University of California, Berkeley Master of Arts - University of San Francisco

Lifetime Teaching Credential - California Community College System


April 8-11, 2019

Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas

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