David Salway

David Salway

Program Director
New York State Broadband Program

David Salway started his career in technology and telecommunications industry more than 20 years ago. In 2008, Mr. Salway joined New York State as the Director of the Broadband Program Office, currently located within the office of Empire State Development. In his current position, he oversees initiatives of the Broadband Program Office and provides oversight for all projects for the New York State Universal Broadband Program, and the $25 million Connect NY Broadband Grant Program. In his capacity as Director, Mr. Salway serves as a broadband advisor to the Governor’s office and New York State legislators, supports broadband initiatives of Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Councils, including the creation and adoption of comprehensive broadband strategy for each region and collaborates with Federal and State agencies on broadband programs to benefit the State.

Under his direction, the scope of the New York State Broadband Program Office was expanded to include public outreach, federal lobbying efforts, and broadband stimulus oversight. As the state’s lead on all matters related to broadband, the Broadband Program Office was instrumental in helping the State receiving over $160 million in federal broadband stimulus grant funding, and been a key player in advancing Federal and State policies on broadband issues for broadband infrastructure build-out and digital literacy efforts.

In addition to his oversight responsibilities in the Broadband Program Office, Mr. Salway was Director of the New York State Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) from 2009-May 2012, where he was responsible for directing the activities of the EPMO, and ensuring the health of information technology projects across the state enterprise. Prior to his position with New York State he served in various positions including the Enterprise Customer Service Director for a Fortune 500 company, has been a Consultant for the Broadband and Telecom industries for over 15 years, and has prior government experience working for the New York State Senate.

Mr. Salway is a member of the Public Safety Spectrum Trust Operator Advisory Committee and the State Connectivity and Broadband Committee at NASCIO. Mr. Salway received his Bachelors Degree from the State University of New York in Albany, New York.

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