Drew Clark

Of Counsel, The CommLaw Group
Editor and Publisher, BroadbandBreakfast.com
President, Rural Telecommunications Congress


Drew Clark, the Editor and Publisher of Breakfast Media LLC, is a widely respected U.S.-based telecommunications attorney. Its Broadband Breakfast is a leading source of U.S. news and connectedness around broadband technology and internet policy. As an attorney, Clark has closely tracked the trends in and mechanics of digital infrastructure investment. He has helped fiber-based and wireless providers navigate coverage, identify markets, broker infrastructure, operate in the public right of way and navigate spectrum licenses at the Federal Communications Commission.

In Illinois, Clark led a $350 million combined federal and state infrastructure investment effort that included fiber buildout, broadband mapping, economic development and digital literacy training. He is also President of the Rural Telecommunications Congress, which supports statewide broadband planning, investing in next-generation infrastructure and teaching individuals and organizations that using broadband effectively is easy.

September 22-24, 2020

Virtual on the vFair platform

Summit 2020 ~ We’re Going Virtual!
September 22-24, 2020

NOTICE: Please beware of shameless scammers sending fake emails stating that Broadband Communities Summit 2020 has been postponed and offering to sell you the list of registered participants. THE ONLY WAY TO GET OUR REGISTRANTS’ NAMES IS FROM US.

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