Allen Cory White



Allen Cory White is the founder of WhiteSky Communications, a telecommunications company that provides voice, video and data services to the MDU space. While attending the University of Alabama, Cory created WhiteSky in an effort to alleviate poor service issues at his apartment complex. As he continued to build the company, WhiteSky added voice and video services making them a triple threat. From 2005-present, WhiteSky has grown tremendously, providing services in 40 states to over 100,000 customers. This growth would not have been possible without Cory’s expertise and his high involvement in WhiteSky’s daily operations. Over the years, WhiteSky has received several awards, one naming Cory the entrepreneur of the year in Tuscaloosa, AL. Cory was appointed by Alabama’s governor to serve on the IT TAC Committee for the State of Alabama.

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