Jory Wolf

Vice President, Digital Innovation
Magellan Advisors


Wolf joined Magellan after 22 years as chief information officer for Santa Monica, California, where he launched Santa Monica City Wi-Fi, which provides free internet services to the public through a network of 32 hot zones and wireless coverage in most major commercial and transit corridors throughout the city. He created Santa Monica City Net, a 100-gigabit broadband initiative to support an environment for local businesses to compete in the global economy with cutting-edge network solutions.

Wolf has more than 35 years of experience in IT, including broadband, FTTH and smart city initiatives. He and his teams have earned more than 50 awards for IT projects, and in 2012, he received the CIO Lifetime Achievement Award from the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Fiber: Building A Gigabit World

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August 10 – 13, 2020

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Houston, Texas

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