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Scé Pike

CEO and Founder


Scé Pike started her career in the ‘90s in Silicon Valley, designing and developing the first e-commerce sites for GM, HP, Blue Cross, and others. She helped to pioneer smart phones at Palm, where she worked on the first Wi-Fi and BT pairing user experience. She was recruited by Qualcomm and later by Amp’d Mobile, the first video MVNO. In 2007, Pike started her own company, Citizen, which initially focused on smart phone products and later on Internet of Things (IoT) products such as connected cars and connected health. While developing IoT products at Citizen, which she later sold to Ernst & Young, she realized that there was a lack of IoT solutions designed specifically for the multi-family housing Industry. She founded IOTAS, a turn-key, smart apartment platform to help the MFH industry increase revenue, save costs and allow third parties to easily deploy IoT solutions focusing on residential real estate in 2014. IOTAS, with installations in 50+ cities, has been recognized by Fortune, Wired, Gigaom, ABC, NBC, FastCo and more as the new way of building and renovating residential real estate.

The company is funded by Telus, Liberty Global and Intel.

May 2-5, 2022

Marriott Marquis in Houston, Texas

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