James Stegeman

President & CEO
CostQuest Associates


James Stegeman leads the development team awarded the FCC Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric contract responsible for solving previous location accuracy issues and deliver the data to support the new National Broadband Map. He is and has been a major force behind the development of the latest generation economic cost models used by cable, telco, tower and wireless companies and state and government agencies in support of broadband deployment analysis, valuation and property tax efforts, and UNE (Unbundled Network Element) and USF (Universal Service Fund) proceedings. He led the design, coding and implementation of the Connect America Cost Model (“CAM,” “CACM,” “A-CAM”) used by the FCC to disburse over $1 billion annually to fund broadband deployment and to set the reserved price in the recent RDOF auction. He also led the design, coding and implementation of the GigabitCity model that is currently being used by investment banking entities, cities and carriers to investigate the financials for fiber deployment. And, he led the design, coding and implementation of the Broadband Analysis Model (“BAM”) that was used by the FCC to develop and support the economic findings in the National Broadband Plan.

In addition to his U.S. modeling experience, Stegeman has also designed economic costing models for telecom and/or government entities in Hong Kong, Bermuda, Australia, and New Zealand. The New Zealand model was referred to as a “best-in-class TSLRIC model” by an independent outside party.

In concert with his experience in building economic models, Stegeman has been retained as an expert witness in various tax and regulatory proceedings to attest to the validity of network models for supporting network costing, including appearances before the U.S. House of Representatives.

Stegeman holds a B.S. in math and statistics and an M.S. in statistics, both from Miami University of Ohio.

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