Galen Updike

Former President
Rural Telecommunications Congress

Prior to his retirement from state government in June of 2013, Galen Updike was Broadband Development Manager for the State of Arizona, within the Arizona Dept of Administration. Starting at this position in 2003, he played an important part in the State's efforts to improve both broadband connectivity and broadband adoption by government and by individual citizens. In this role he and his team authored and managed the Federal grants associated with NTIA’s State Broadband Initiative (SBI) in Arizona, as well as participated in Arizona's limited official role with other ARRA Broadband grants, and with the state's responsibilities regarding E-Rate and other broadband policy efforts.

Though now "officially" retired, Updike has stayed active in his advocacy for better internet, especially for rural Americans. He continues with the Rural Telecom Congress (RTC), a national organization with the mission of ensuring that rural Americans can prosper in a 21st Century economy. He was RTC President from 2010 to 2013, and continues on its executive committee. He also continues as a board member of the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC), an important center of influence for broadband policy and education in Arizona. ATIC has originated and/or supported a number of bills in Arizona's legislature which have passed and have had beneficial impact regarding increased broadband availability and broadband adoption in the State.

Prior to his career in State government, Galen had a 29 year career in consulting and high-tech sales, which began in 1974 with Burroughs Corporation, and included positions with Sperry Univac, and other large US corporations, and then in small business as the owner of Compu-Source, and finally some ten years with an Arizona based computer manufacturer.

Updike has also followed a family tradition of significant public service. He served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives 2000-2001. And for nearly a decade, he served as a board member of the Arizona’s Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee.

Other accomplishments include a treasured four years as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. But his highest interests involve his family, including his wife, five grown children, and an ever growing number of grand children.

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