Christa Wagner Vinson

Wagner Vinson Consulting

Sustainable economic developer Christa Wagner Vinson has more than a decade of experience helping regional and national nonprofits and state and local governments create innovative, community-led solutions that drive sustainable growth.

Before starting her consultancy, Christa helped launch and accelerate the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster, an initiative of business, government, academic and nonprofit leaders that catalyzed global recognition for the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina’s clean technology sector. She helped define the scope and opportunity in cleantech through original research with RTI International and as co-creator, with Zpryme, of the Energy Thought Summit: Research Triangle.

She is a former policy analyst with the North Carolina Department of Commerce, associate at SJF Institute, a positive-impact business accelerator in Durham, N.C., and Director of Government Relations for the North Carolina chapter of a national environmental advocacy organization.




April 8-11, 2019

Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas

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  Unique Opportunity to Network with Broadband Systems Operators*
*Includes Telcos - Private, CLECs, ILECs; Cable Operators; Wireless Broadband Operators, Property Managers, Developers, Owners, REITs, Universities, Colleges
  Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors 17%
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